Another Drink

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Another Drink is a poem that tries to encapsulate an alcoholic at their most irrational, angry state. The refusal for treatment or even acknowledging there is a problem and burying themselves deeper into the drink.


Another Drink

Angry; sick of this recovery theme
doggone didactic sobriety preaching's
can’t fathom the life of a vodkaholic
those who seek to change or transfer me
deny these cravings as unclean divine storage
who would want this gregarious lifestyle
winning nothing but more condemnation
and more anger now like liquid insanity
pale pasty orange hued face now flush
like bright red holly berry clusters
again proclaiming love for the drink
denying what little family is left
what would they know of this curse?
the ranting ramblings to oneself
screw them all; alone isn’t so bad
in fact; I will drink to that

-Poem by Justin Germino

This poem was inspired by the 15 random words (in bold) provided by 13 Twitter players and originally published on April 11th:


dragonblogger_thumb[1]Justin Germino is the author behind Dragon Blogger’ and 'Wanderer Thoughts’ amongst a few other blogs. He has created over 260+ ‘twitter poems’ via random submissions on twitter. He believes you only have one life and you have to live it. Follow him on Twitter @dragonblogger