It’s Just ONE Date – Go For It !

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I recently came upon a few articles that promoted the ‘One Date Rule’ and it got me thinking. 

There’s nothing wrong with accepting a date with a man / woman who ASKS you.  By ‘ask’ I mean someone who has the balls / guts to pick up the phone and have a real conversation with you and tells you that ‘hey would you like to go out for _____ (dinner, coffee, jazz concert in the park, some sort of activity) on X Day at Y Time’.

If someone can pull up the courage (yes it takes courage to ‘ask’ someone these things) to ‘ask’ you out then you should apply the one-date rule and go out with them.  That person deserves the chance to take you out and show you what a date can really be like.  Even if that person doesn’t fall into the category of the ‘type’ of person you are attracted to.  

Side Note : according to some groups of people it is acceptable to ask someone out via email, text message, BBM, WhatsApp and even Skype ! So I guess that means you can give them a chance too.  (not that I approve this practice at all)

After all -  the guy / girl could turn out to be cuter than you remember / better than their photograph from the online dating site.  You could have the best time ever.  You could both get along like a house on fire.  You could both end up totally smitten with each other.  You might even discover your soul mate.

datingcartoon47What’s the worst thing that can happen ?  Lack of chemistry / absolutely no compatibility and therefore no chance of a 2nd date.  Or he/she could just be a more subdued (i.e boring) than their online avatar ? 

In the very rare (and extreme case) the person turns out to be some sort of psychotic serial killer who spends the evening trying to find ways to torture you.  

But you won’t know whether you are going to enjoy the date or get bored out of your mind until you actually decide to go on the date.  It doesn’t have to be a heavy duty date – just the basic first date.

So why not give it a shot – the next time someone asks you out (phone, BBM, whatsapp, text message, or email) – just be a sport and go for it.  You might just have a ton of fun, make a new friend or find a pea for your pod.  Worst case scenario – you’ll cuss me if you have a horrid time (but I can live with that) for suggesting going in the first place.

Do you have any dating rules that you follow ? Have you perhaps applied the ‘one date rule’ at some point in your dating history ?

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