To Fool or Not To Fool ?

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april foolI’ve been bombarded with ‘hoax’ messages regarding the Cricket World Cup since the clock struck 12 last night and I can only imagine how cricket fans would be reacting to it all.

Is Sachin Tendulkar really injured ? Is the match really being shifted to Kolkata ? The cricket lovers might have had mini-heart attacks before realizing that it was an April Fools prank !

April 1st for some is like putting a kid in a candy store !! I know of people who go out of their way to plan elaborate schemes and others (notorious pranksters) who can spontaneously find a way to pull a prank. 

I on the other hand – am nothing like that.  I can’t even remember playing a prank on any of my mates – in school, university or even in recent years.  Even if I wanted to pull a prank on someone, I wouldn’t know how to begin.  Seriously.  Maybe I could just fool them with my sarcasm ? Or maybe I’ll just stick to the no pranks rule that I’ve abided by for so long !

Are you a prankster ? What is the most creative April Fools’ Day prank that you have ever pulled or had pulled on you ?  Have you had any tricks played on you today ?  I’ve been clear of all pranks so far – but the day is not over yet !


kavita said...

ive never played tricks on anybody..... im the one always being tricked.... worst thing, i never learn. i fall for the prank all the time... April 1st is so not my day =)

Praba said...

Haha i can never pull a prank with a straight face! So i dont engage it in ;) lol..the max ive done is silly stuff in primary and high school where u shout 'lizard' & 'Cockroach' and then laugh at your friend panicking :P lol...that's all..most of the time im the one who falls for the prank...light jokes are fine..but playing a harmful or hurtful Prank just for the sake of it being April fools day is immature in my opinion. :)

Dazediva said...

@ Kavita .. oh no ! so what pranks did you get caught out on this year ?

@ Praba .. I'm with you on this - I can't pull a prank with a straight face either. I'm always ready to crack up hahaha. Lady if you ever screamed cockroach near me, you will see me sky-rocket ! literally !!