Pop. Pop & Really Popping !

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Popping-Champagne-corkFor those of you that swing by quite often, you’d know that I recently lost my guest post cherry.  This lil’ Diva was asked to write a guest post for the awesome trio that makes up ‘MetAnotherFrog.com’ and the post titled ‘Putting My First Time Into Perspective’ got some great comments in my humble opinion.

Then I got the biggest surprise ever … The gorgeous SingleFilez from London asked me if I would be a part of her international blog tour and share some tales from Bombay.  Alas my dating histoire has been a bit drab ever since I moved here, but I didn’t want to let her down – so I came up with something and she really liked it !  I put my mind to work and came up with I like to call ‘The Blogger Learning Cycle’ – seriously I made my own info graphic too (or an attempt at it).  Go on, go over and check it out and don’t forget to share some comment luv out there !

As if that wasn’t nerve wrecking enough – the boobilicious Skye (I might even have a girl crush on her) from MetAnotherFrog waved out and whispered whether I’d like to be a part of April’s guest bloggers contributing on topics for  .. .hold your breath … Fringe, Porn & Erotica Month !

I think I almost had a mini-panic attack.  The world cup was going on (as if that was an excuse for me since I hate cricket but events are events); my company had 2 private events taking place that same week; I had 5 friends visiting from out of town; and I had to figure out how to submit 2 guest posts for the same deadline for 2 very awesome dating / relationship blogs without making a fool of myself !!

But I managed to pull my shit together and came up with 'Long Distance Lust’.  I’d really love your feedback on this totally new writing style – so if you fancy an erotic twist to your day – head on over and check it out; leave me a few words of encouragement (‘cos damn I need it !)

Looks like my guest post cherry is pop, pop, popping baby !! Now who wants to be my guest .. seriously ?