Valentines Luck …

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… and we’re talking REALLY lucky ;)

I’ve never had anything against Valentines Day … I’ve always enjoyed it.  Sometimes I’ve been single and others times as a part of a couple.  Regardless of my relationship status – it’s always been something interesting going on over V-Day.  Here’s what I’ve been up to in Mumbai the past V-Days’ as a sassy single chica ..

2007 … One of my extended cousins got engaged.  There were quite a bit of family from all over the globe attending – put a group of Punjabis in a room with music and alcohol .. and voila the recipe for some wild dancing.

2008 … I don’t have any visual proof as I normally would about what happened; but couldn’t have been as exciting as the Shaken Not Stirred party I attended :) I ended up being the first female to dive into the pool and won a weekend stay at the Raheja Exotica Resort.  I managed to find a You Tube video of the party.  Check out the property ! Isn’t it gorgeous :) and yes that’s the pool I dove into.

2009 … I started V-Day eve busy with wedding preparations for another one of my cousins’.  After the reception was over; I crossed over a distance of barely 10 kms (but think of it as 1.5 hour worth of traffic) so as to wish a dear friend Happy Birthday before the stroke of midnight.

2010 … A week or so prior to Valentines, I got totally inspired to write a few posts all thanks to Nandoism’s Valentines Erotica Submission post .. If I say so myself, damn I was on a roll and how ! I then went on to work up the nerve to take part in the content held by Empire Labs; only to realize I belonged to the wrong country.  Around this time I started focusing on the calling of my blogger voice; and eventually got to submitting a small piece of erotica to the competition. 

On V-Day itself – I landed up going to the Elle Derby that took place in Mumbai which was pretty cool :) Lots of free alcohol; great vibes with a good group of friends (and the guys were quite easy on the eye too).  After winning the only bet I placed on the races - I got approached by this married acquaintance who asked me where my boyfriend was …. Great way to remind me that I do not have a boyfriend .. but anyway – the conversation went as follows …

Married Acquaintance: So where’s’ your boyfriend today ?

Dazediva : What boyfriend ? I don’t have one .. haven’t had one in a while now

MA: No ! How’s that possible ? Surely you’re here with a date – it’s Valentines !

DD: I don’t know – I ask myself the same thing. And nope – I’m here on my own chilling with a few friends. No Valentines for me =(

MA: That’s not right ! Give me 4.5 minutes.  (and literally starts running away from me)

DD: 4.5 minutes ? Errm okay then. I’ll see you in a bit then …

……… 5 minutes later

MA : Sorry it took me 30 seconds longer than I said I would be … give me your hand

DD : Errrm okaaay … but what’s the deal ?

MA : …. Here you go …

P2140064 P2140065

How sweet is that ???? I got my ONLY V-day card at the races (I’ll ignore the fact that the person who gave me the card is unavailable but still … I got a hand made card !!!!)  The cute part was that the sheet of paper that MA used had ‘ass emoticons’ on it which were quite hilarious !

To top that off – the following morning – I came to know that I had WON the Nandoism and Empire Labs competition !!! How cool is that !!!  I’ll be receiving a big box of goodies from the lovely peeps over at Empire Labs … but since they’re going to be shipping to India … and technically ‘toys’ aren’t really allowed … I’ll be receiving a box of sample molding kits hahahha

It really has been a pretty perfect Valentines for me … looks like I am going to be one happy puppy for the rest of the year !!!


Vinita Apte said...

congratulationssss...and wow that was such a sweet please once you get the goodies :)

rustom said...


Poseidon Monacular said...

I go away for a few months, and look what happens...

Well done, by the way! I haven't won any sex toys in like, forever. I literally ran out of room for them at one point, and that's when I had to stop dominating competitions.

Dazediva said...

@ Lazy Pineapple .. I know sweet isn't it ! Those goodies might be scandalous :P

@ Rustom .. merci beaucoup !

@ Deft Digits .. welcome back from Omicron! at least I got your attention now .. lucky for me you were away otherwise this competition would have been a loss for me .. and since you've run out of space, good thing I get to keep some of the goodies :)