To Love Again

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It’s been just over 2 years since I found what most would describe as ‘love’. When I first encountered this emotion – I was confused; ecstatic and elated all at the same time.

We spent almost all our waking moments together and if that wasn’t enough to smother us - the nights as well.

Alas like all good things, the honeymoon period often comes to an end. The last year has been a roller coaster journey – trying to smoothen out any glitches, determining where our compatibilities have gone wrong, and what could be done to fix the issues.

Work was taking a toll on both of us – the long hours, the stress and strain of daily commuting – conversation seemed to just revolve around ‘work’. We even tried to take a few short breaks – just a little getaway so that the days didn’t begin with a frantic rush to check emails ! The only use for touching the laptop would be to update our FaceBook status; upload new photos from the holiday or listen to some tunes.

But there was still a strain … the relationship was getting older, the hums of the past were now a buzzing sound to my ears; the lazy morning stretch to start up was now just frustrating; even more annoying now was that I could ‘see’ him just zoning off and switching off without notice causing embarrassment amongst my friends. Just how often could I keep explaining why he would switch off from a conversation !

I was even finding myself distracted by others – it was as if temptation had embedded itself into me … I tried not to look – the loyal person that I am – but with so many new faces suddenly giving me the attention that I had been missing out on – it was hard not to do …

I even thought of therapy – counselling of sorts – maybe we just needed a different perspective. After a few months of therapy, I realised there was only one way to go … we needed to part ways …

It was difficult to do as there was so much that we had shared together … Then the painful process of dividing and taking back our personal belongings. It took hours to sort out. I even drove to see him leave … this was yesterday …

When he was out of my line of vision – I turned back towards my car – and it felt like I had been struck by lightening in broad day light. The vision that had been tempting me for months now – I saw him ever so often and would avoid eye contact. But today – I could not avoid it – as he was staring right at me.

I took a deep breath – and calmly walked over – checking him out. He just stood there – sleek and trim – with the air of one who knows he has it all going on for him. I never thought I would say these words – but I did.

‘How Much ?’

Was I that desperate ? Did I really need to do this ? Couldn’t I just wait ??

I took the cash out of my wallet – and handed it over along with my home address. ‘Meet me in an hour – I’ll be waiting for you’.

I wasn’t disappointed. He turned up. Looking even better than he did when I saw him earlier.

Have a look and tell me what you think ….


I found love in the latest Dell Inspiron 15.6” with a 350GB HD and 3GB Ram :)

What were YOU thinking :P


Sumit said...

Ha ha ha!! What a twist at the end! I just can't stop grinning at this... nicely written, and that 'how much' bit had me pretty spooked.. :P

Karishma Sundaram said...

Oh my goodness!! You really had me there!

Nice one!

Anonymous said...

ok you got me pretty good. phew! I was just cringing as i read the 'how much?' bit. Why the hell was i thinking down that line? I guess humans tend to be pessimists subconsciously - thanks for putting me to shame :D

Unknown said...

i always thought u were an apple fanboy!

anyway ur ex will probably be refurbished n fall in love once again at a lesser price hehehehe

sadly the almost 3 year 'marriage' with my compaq is also over..

i feel ur pain / sorrow / anguish / love ;)

Unknown said...

Pretty good. I never had guessed it :)

Arslan said...

You might want to check out my blog. Especially the posts tagged 'love'. I'm not saying more..

Unknown said...

WTF???...... That was a good one !!

I recommend you consider "Humour-Mystery writer" as a full time

But u really had me there....

MissOwly said...

Haha LOVED it!! i thought this was the camera one. :D but still awesome.