Who Stole My Oxygen ??

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That got your attention right :P

NC and I were driving back home in the confines of my car a few days back and I let out a yawn; which quite naturally made NC yawn - and this little saga continued until we both got to discussing 'Why do we yawn'.

I began telling her about my recent readings from articles that basically suggested that the reason behind a yawn was for our bodies to take in more oxygen to awaken our senses. Therefore yawning did not imply that we were bored but in fact should be taken as a compliment as we want to be more alert.

Her retort to this, 'So why would that make people around you yawn then'; to which I really had no 'real' answer ... She must have mulled over this for a few minutes and then looks over at me, and with a straight face says 'I was yawning because You STOLE my oxygen' !!! (as I was the one who started the yawning hysteria in the car)

This was just Priceless !!! And I did tell her that I would blog about this - and finally today I have :)

Now this topic of Yawning has been on the back of mind for a few weeks; it so happens that whenever I am having a chat with my boss HA, I happen to yawn - and honestly it's not because I'm bored or not interested in the conversation; it just happens !! And he makes it a point to always point it out and teases me about this.

Secondly, there have been a few articles floating about on MSN about yawning and the reasons behind yawning. Do you know that scientists still do not know the REAL reason we yawn ?? Funny isn't it ??

Did you know that there are 3 Theories to Yawning ?? I didn't until I looked it up ...

  1. The Physiological Theory - Our bodies yawn to drawn in more oxygen or remove a build-up of carbon dioxide. This theory helps explain why we yawn in groups. Larger groups produce more carbon dioxide, which means our bodies would act to draw in more oxygen and get rid of the excess carbon dioxide.
  2. The Evolution Theory - Some think that yawning is something that began with our ancestors, who used yawning to show their teeth and intimidate others. An offshoot of this theory is the idea that in ancient times especially in villages found in the forest areas, yawning was an indicator that it was time for everyone to retire and go to bed so as to be wary of night predators - so in essence a form of synchronizing time.
  3. The Boredom Theory - The dictionary describes yawning as 'to open the mouth wide with a deep inhalation, usually involuntarily from drowsiness, fatigue, or boredom'. Most of us do tend to yawn when bored or tired, however this theory doesn't explain why Olympic athletes yawn right before they compete in their event.
So there you go - some theories that we probably knew about in some way or form but may not have known they were actually addressed. Humans yawn; animals yawn; babies yawn; even 11 week old fetus yawn ! Now that was a shocker !

I have already yawned at least half a dozen times between the time I started writing this blog; looking up some facts and checking out the amazing animal yawning images that can be found on Google .

What about you ? Did you yawn ? If you did - its the power of suggestion apparently ! Even reading about yawning can make people yawn ! How cool is that ??

And just in case, you are not already 'all yawned out' - check these articles out ... Happy Yawning !


Poseidon Monacular said...


There's a little less oxygen for you all to enjoy. Ha!

Interesting theory of my own: Try yawning near some plants that you're growing. Some sort of hyper-photosynthesis may occur. Carbon dioxide from your exhaled breath, mingled with sunlight, may concoct some form of supercarbon which could help the plants thrive.

Sound silly? Why yes, yes it does. But it's just as plausible as many other scientific theories out there, if you think about it.

Please excuse my current zaniness. I'm just happy it's Friday.

Elizabeth McKenzie said...

I like all the theories except the evolutionist. That's just silly. What your friend said was great.

Tah Groen said...

Thanks for more info on Yawning!...and the link to my article on Why we yawn in Yoga!

Carol said...

I find yawning one of the things I can do really great and love to give it all I have. But do love the line. Sold my air. Yes that is what it is. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

good keep it up