Flu Flu Go Away !

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Before you start worrying and reach for the handkerchief in case the germs travel via cyber space and do some sort of osmosis through the computer screen … I don’t have swine flu … although with the way I’m feeling – I might as well have it !!

No wait  - why would I want to wish that on myself !! I don’t have it !

I’m just feeling really miserable … a cough, cold and a fungal throat infection ! How nasty is that !! I really hope no one else has to feel this way … It’s quite ‘blaaah’ !!

My symptoms include tiredness, drowsiness (or it could be the 5 meds the doc has ordered for the  next week!), a hacking dry cough and a slightly feverish feeling – I can’t decide if I’m feeling hot or cold !

I’ve tried everything from hot water & lemon; hot water & salt gargling; Listerine gargling; hot tea with ginger & honey; not to mention lozenges and cough syrup too !!  I hope those meds kick in soon ‘cos I can’t keep feeling like this ! I was falling asleep at the wheel of my car – and in Mumbai traffic THAT is not advisable !!