Turbulent Reverie

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I've been having a series of extremely violent dreams over the last few days. I don't quite know 'why'

It's not even a sequence - they are random; involving different people that I know; in locations from my past that I haven't been to in years; the fact that the dream occurs in such a haphazard manner is enough to leave me jolting awake !

The Turbulence Begins

I was transported back to my old bedroom in Dubai; a fairly large room with a king size bed in the middle; two side dressers; a built-in triple white floor to ceiling wardrobe on the right (if you are looking at the bed from the door); another triple maroon wardrobe directly in front of the bed; a home entertainment unit next to it with TV & stereo; a computer desk and study table on the left side of the bed; and a glass sliding door that opens into a small balcony. The balcony overlooks the garden, a brick patio directly below and main road facing, there is also a deep ledge with gaps in the middle going out to the end of the villa wall.

I was sitting in my room with some of my nieces - the young ones, aged 1 to 2.5 years and just generally chilling out with them. I'm not quite sure what triggered me but I felt something was wrong; there was a knock at my door. The door which is a solid brown wood door; was actually different in my dream - it had some bars on the top half of the door so one could see who was outside and a vent style grill at the bottom of the door.

There were two maybe three men at the door; and they were trying to get into the room. They can see us - we can see them. There is a shutter over the grill as well. Something wasn't right and I didn't want the guys to come into the room. I saw something in one of their hands - it looked like a butcher knife which had a sinister gleam to it. They kept trying to open the door; and push open the shutter. They kept insisting it was for our own good for us to get out - but they kept pointing at the kids. I didn't like that.

The nanny for the kids was in the room too - and I kept pointing her to the balcony and telling her to figure out a way to get out. There were people on the patio - who didn't seem to be aware of what was going on inside the house. However they realized that there was an urgency in the situation and that I was trying to get the kids out of the room. There was havoc in the room; imagine banging on the door with loud yells; the kids frightened and starting to cry; and me trying to give instructions to the nanny on how to get the kids out. Tie the sheets together against the balcony railings and slide down if you must but get the hell out of this room !!!

The men at this point outside my door - had now managed to break the shutter and could see everything that was going on inside the room; they were trying to break their way into the room; I could see the wood shattering; and the grill vent being worked on - the screws holding it in place were falling onto the carpet and very soon these men could be in the room.

I must have pushed, shoved, at these men and their hands that were trying to get a grip onto me as I was literally at the door. When the grill vent came off; one of the hands attached itself onto my calves and I had to stamp it away with my free leg ! A smoke bomb went off from out of nowhere - and my eyes were beginning to water. The kids were out of the room; and on the patio; the nanny was on her way out; and I was trying to do the same.

The room was larger than life all of a sudden and it felt like a lifetime to get towards the balcony. I kept trying to call the local service (don't ask why I was calling the telephone operator of Mumbai when I was apparently at my old house in Dubai) to get the number for the Police. Yes it's true - I don't actually have the Police contact number in Mumbai !! My hands were shaky; they were even bleeding slightly - maybe from struggling at the door earlier; and I just couldn't get in touch with the operator.

Then it happened - I fell to the floor - one of the men had squeezed through the grill and gotten into the room and had rammed me to the ground. After much ground wrestling - I managed to get my hands on something - a pen if I recall correctly - and used it to jab this man in the eye !!! And I kept jabbing; and pushing this pen - nib side by the way - in to his eye ! Enough to make a grown man squeal at least. All the while - worrying that the other men outside the door would enter too !!

I heard the thundering smack of the door against my dressing table which is behind the door - and that's when I woke up !! It was relatively early in the morning; and I had to go wash my face to get out of that nightmare mode ! And guess what - my damn eye was stinging me !! It felt like something went in my eye - and I swear I thought I saw a pen mark - a little dot - in my eye somewhere ! Karma maybe ?? But what the hell did I do ???

May I need some of these Bad Dream Sprinkles !

One of the first things I did once I was awake and functioning, was get the contact numbers of the Police, and Emergency services.


Poseidon Monacular said...

Dreams are strange and mysterious things, and the whole concept of how and why we have them is fascinating. I actually don't remember 99% of mine, but it's impossible to forget about an extremely weird one that I've had multiple times. Dozens, maybe even hundreds of times. I suppose that would make for an interesting future post..