Stop Complaining ..

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I’ve been guilty of complaining of things that have gone wrong in the day; we all have (and if you’re the rare person who doesn’t complain – please share your secret)


I suppose when I really get down to thinking about it – the days that I have complained about the issues from the previous day just ends up being ‘weighed down’ and it even carries forward to the next day.

I guess it’s only natural that we all have a bit of a moan & groan / rant & rave about all that happens in our daily lives .. Some of us do that more than others .. I know when it comes to being based in India – I’m always complaining to a point I’m sure those close to me are able to repeat my phrases verbatim.

My mom tells me ‘don’t complain – just get on with it’; my uncle told me this morning ‘just be grateful that you wake up each day’ .. and they are right … I noticed I tend to ‘get on with it’ whenever I’m working outside of India.  I’m not as disillusioned when things aren’t always right.  Perhaps it’s a bit of a mental block I have ?

I know I made the choice to set up a business in India; and I was well aware of the hardships I would face – and today, 3 years down the line – my business is growing, my team is expanding, the enquiries keep coming in.  There is no room for regret when achieving ones dreams.

So from now on – I’m not going to waste the little time I have each day complaining about the day before (or even the day of) … Because tomorrow is just another day !