Failure Can Lead to Innovation

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Day 18

Saw this quote and thought of that saying ‘try, try, try again’ (or something like that?) …

Some people think of failing as a negative thing .. it doesn’t always have to be.  Everything and everyone around us today that signifies ‘success’ has ‘failed’ at some point or another to get to where they are today.  No invention was perfect the first time it was created – only after trial & error did any invention get perfected to what we know it as today.

In my line of work – I have good days and a few bad days .. the bad days teach me how to prepare myself the next time round; it teaches me how to be more innovative when I find myself in that situation; it teaches me that no matter how well prepared I am for the job at hand – shit happens and something could go wrong. 

I guess we must all realize that it’s ok to ‘fail’ every now and then ‘cos it’s just gonna make us be innovative enough the next time so as not to fail again.  What do you think ?