See Someone, Say Something !

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I don’t remember when I came across this particular image but I had saved it and its perfect for this post.

missed connection train

This whole summer I have pretty much embraced the above.  I’ve had the pleasure of spotting some amazing eye candy on the tube in London, and I’ve made it a point to let the other person know that.  I reckon it totally makes their day and brings a smile to their face.

There was Adonis of a man on the tube – square jaws, bright blue eyes, cropped dirty blonde hair and a 1000 watt smile and OMG he smelled so good.   I was standing right next to him and before I got off at my stop I tapped him on the shoulder and I told him just that.  He couldn’t quite stop himself from going a bit red and his smile just got bigger – and we wished each other a good day and went our own ways.

And I don’t just do this with men – whenever I see an attractive woman or a female wearing something very funky or eye catching, I make it a point to let them know.  The women appreciate it and they walk away glowing. 

What about you – have you ever noticed someone and just approached them to say something – anything to them ?

Day 2 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge – Done !