Create Your Future

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Day 18

Some say that the future is uncertain.  The future is what you make of it.  Sure, you don’t really know what the future has in store for you; but unless you are willing to take a chance, or gamble at a risk; you’ll never quite know what your future will end up like.

I’ve written about The 3 C’s of Life : Choices, Chances & Changes.   Unless we make a conscious choice to take a chance our life will never change.

Life is complex; it is one big test – and if you’re bad at tests, don’t worry about failing; because with failure comes innovation and the need to succeed (unless you actually enjoy failing which I don’t think anyone does).

If you aren’t already living your dreamthen it’s time to go about taking the steps to build your dreams before someone else hires you to build theirs. If you aren’t passionate about what you want – you will always hold back; so do it with passion or don’t bother at all.