Life Is A Test

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Day 12

Life is a series of constant tests.  They forgot to include that in the course work at school and at university.  No one really prepared you and said that you will tested over and over again, whether it comes to your friends, your family, or your work environment and encounters.

We are often thrown in situations where everything seems to be coming right at you in a good way (or a bad way) – and you are often left feeling overwhelmed; questioning whether or not you are capable of handling all that comes your way.  But we somehow manage.  And that says something about the will power within us.  We are all capable of achieving anything once we put our mind to it.

On the flip side – some of us may encounter a time in our lives where nothing seems to working in our favour.  It could be financial issues, unemployment / facing redundancy, health issues due to high levels of stress, and even relationship problems amongst friends and partners.  It can be extremely frustrating but just hang in there and persevere.  Everything that is thrown our way – is so for a reason – to test our will and to see how we persevere.

How do you deal with either of the situations ? Have you had that overwhelming feeling where too many things are going on all at once ? How do you react when things come to a stand still despite all the hard work that you put in ?