Are You Overworked This Festive Season ?

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I know I sure as hell am feeling overworked this festive season !! My business partner NC is away for the holidays for a family reunion in Tenerife and won’t be back till 12th Jan; our creative designer NB is off to Singapore & Bali for a family holiday; and then heading to Vietnam for work. 

Whilst my two core players are away – I’m feeling the pressure of the growing number of enquiries coming my way – and worried that I won’t be able to get through each one without losing part of my sanity !

And then I came across this video – and I thought – damn I wish I could call up an agency to sort my worries out ! LOL It would be nice if recruitment agencies in India could come up with some innovative ways of promoting their services.  I love what Robert Half has done with this video.  Have a watch, have a giggle, and try not to work too hard during the holidays.


Praba said...

awww..such a cute video by Robert Half...aww sweetie, try to get some rest if possible, u deserve a break :) don't overwork yourself...a happy holiday hug to u! :)