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Music Monday #23 IIO – Rapture

One of my favourite tracks =)  A very special man in my life always tells me this song reminds him of me … and whenever I hear it – I get a big smile on my face …

I remember the two of us being so engrossed in a conversation with each other that we didn’t even realize that the rest of the group in my apartment had left until quite a few hours later !

This was 8 years ago … and even today – if I call him – he knows exactly what I’m thinking or what it is that I am trying to say … it stumps us both every time … we’ve both moved on in our lives but it’s a nice fuzzy feeling to know that someone else other than (your significant other for those that have them) and you yourself - ‘gets you’ …

SN – you really do make my soul feel complete !!

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Bill said...

Great song here my friend but you always the best songs and posts here. Here's wishing a great week ahead filled with laughter and fun. Happy MM to you Diva : )

Dazediva said...

@ Bill .. you are too kind :) if it weren't for great readers and supporters like yourself, I'd be at a total blog loss hehe


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