Why Do We Complicate Everything ?

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Around this time last year, I wrote about a post called ‘Why Complicate Life’ which was inspired by an image which posed some very honest, yet frank questions .. to which the answers were so simple that it makes you stop and think about ‘why’ we tend to complicate even the simplest of things.   It was the common-sense responses that caught my attention and I gave myself a pat on the back for being as straight forward as I could be in any given situation.


If everyone actually attempted to stop beating around the bush and just getting to the point – life would be a lot less complicated I reckon.  Some people thrive on the complexity of a particular scenario / situation and probably would over analyse if ever given a frank answer; others flourish when they are surrounded by drama – and if there isn’t any drama around them, they subconsciously seek it.


I’ve been known to speak my mind – often when I should just keep my mouth shut – but what’s the point ? If something bothers me, I address it with the person concerned.  I don’t like drama so I prefer to clear the air whatever the situation or circumstances might be.  I’ve taken to choosing my mood because it seems pointless to let something drag on and bog me down the whole day.  I get whatever it is out of my system and move on with my day because I have enough to do without letting other things weigh me down.


What about you ? Do you tend to complicate your life ? Is there unnecessary drama that tends to follow you around ? What do you reckon you can do to change that ? And if you happen to be blessed to lead an uncomplicated life – do share your secret so that we can all find some inner peace =)