Choose Your Mood

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There was a time when those mood swings would really put a damper to my day.  I used to have a really nasty temper – and once I got into that ‘bad mood’ – it wouldn’t let up and eventually would consume my entire day.  That’s a full 24 hours that was wasted away due to a mood swing which I should have tried to keep under control.  I’ve gotten much better at keeping my temper and my mood swings in check over the last few years.  Nowadays – the mood swings are there only for the 'moment’ and I can continue the rest of my day without interruption.


You often hear people say that one should start their day on a positive note; that one shouldn’t let a minor mood swing set back your whole day.  And it’s true.  You are in absolute control of your mood each and every day; so why not just choose to be in a good mood despite whatever setbacks you may have during the course of the day. 


How is your mood today ? Which one did you choose to go with ?