Musical Emotions

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479972_517399108278126_1326658628_nIt’s quite normal to associate specific music to certain people or past incidents / escapades. 

Have you ever heard a song that really makes you react to it ?  It could be a song that you may have never heard before.  Something about the beat, melody, instruments, or lyrics that sends shivers down your spine or causes you to get goose bumps ?  Sometimes a piece of music makes your eyes well up and your breath is left caught at the back of your throat.  And have you noticed that the majority of times when that happens is because ‘someone’ came to mind ?  It could be anyone – a friend, a sibling, family member, your spouse, current partner, or an ex.

Our minds are like sponges – we absorb things around us that we may not even realize until much later.  It tends to happen with music.  Music and emotions go hand in hand the way I see it.