Score ! 3rd Century !

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300postsI can’t help but grin to myself. That’s right folks, I have managed to keep my sporadic reflections going for 300+ posts !!  This struck me whilst I was working on editing all my old posts to go with the look & feel of the new design of the blog. 

If we want to get technical, this post would actually be my 314th post, and the 300th post was ‘P.S It’s Valentines Day

I hit my first century i.e 100 posts on July 19th 2009, and then my 2nd century on 4th May 2010; so its pretty cool that in March of 2011 I’ve hit my 3rd century =)  I’m so chuffed with myself.  I honestly didn’t ever think I would be a regular blogger, but somehow I have been doing just that.  I’m not an every day blogger, but at least I manage to contribute a fair amount of posts a month. 

I am still slowly trying to change / add more variety to the blog .. some of you guys have pushed me, encouraged me, and supported me through it all.  If it wasn’t for all of my neighbours in Bloggerville (old and new) - I wouldn’t still be here.  So for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Thanks for coming back to read up on my sporadic reflections; for leaving your comments and for those who are still lurking – it’s about time you de-lurk.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo!! Congratulations to ya!!! 300 posts is quite the achievement! :) A pat on the back for ya isnt gonna suffice with all thats been happening actually.. work going brilliantly, coming clean bout the crush on the Roadside Romeo (do let us know how that pans out!) and now this.. I propose we pop the cork on a bottle of bubbly to ya .. albeit virtually!!! :)

Keep going strong.. we love the sporadic reflections of a whacked SOBO chick!!

Dazediva said...

@ Ve .. awww thank you thank you !! a virtual bottle of bubbly works wonders for me :) that way it's never really gonna run out - there's enough for everyone hehehe

Should I hear from the Roadside Romeo, will definitely keep you posted on it :P

Hmmm did you just join twitter :P ? SOBO & proud of it ;)

Anonymous said...

lol.. nope not on twitter. you mentioned in your earlier post (Wordless Wednesday #22 Enter At Your Own Risk) that it was a Colaba garden quite close to your place. Hence the SOBO reference! and yeah.. I know the feeling.. been in SOBO all my life and and cant imagine living in any other part of Bombay either!!

Jollof said...

Well done on keeping Sporadic Reflections alive! I must say it has gone through a series of makeovers (each better than the last). I'm sure there'll be some new twists ahead as you work towards your 4th century. I better go check and see if I've even clocked my 2nd :(

Dazediva said...

@ Ve .. aahhh !! SOBO is brilliant :) always had our family home this side so it's cool.

@ Jollof .. thanks hun and for always dropping by :) I'm quite chuffed with this make-over, it's bringing a different writer in me (at least that what I feel hehe) .. check on your post and let us know :)