Wordless Wednesday #22 Enter At Your Own Risk

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A few weeks ago, AM and I had gone for a walk in the secret garden that we discovered courtesy of NB.  In one far corner of the garden we came across this …

P1260713  P1260714

Imagine walking alone at night and having to walk across this pathway ? Would you just casually go by like it’s no big deal or would you quicken your pace just a bit .. just in case ?

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Anonymous said...

WOW!! where is this??


Dazediva said...

@ Prutha .. its at a garden / park in Colaba close by to my place .. quite cool to be walking through the trees with their branches hanging so low .. almost ghost like !! hahaha

There's also an empty quary / reservoir area behind the trees .. bring on the creeps peeps ! hahah

Anonymous said...

Freaky scary indeed!!!

Anonymous said...

Colaba you say? :O its quite surprising to "find" a place like this around south bombay!! :)