Rescue A Rainy Wedding Day !

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We have all heard that rain on the wedding day is good luck. This saying was probably invented by the mother of a heartbroken bride whose wedding was rained out! The truth is that no one wants a rainy wedding day. That said, even the most organized bride can't control the weather, so it is important to have plans in place for bad weather. This is how you can rescue a rainy wedding day to ensure that bad weather does not spoil your wedding.

A rainy wedding day is a major headache if you have planned an outdoor wedding. This is why any outdoor ceremony or reception must have a backup plan in case Mother Nature decides not to cooperate. A tent is often the easiest solution. Be sure to rent one with sides which can be rolled down so that a deluge does not invade your wedding reception. You may also need to rent a floor to put inside the tent, especially if rained in the days leading up to your wedding. Your guests do not want to be slogging through a muddy swamp all dressed up in their finest attire and crystal wedding jewelry, after all!

A tent is not a practical solution for every wedding venue, so the threat of rain may require moving the event to an indoor room or a covered porch. Although that is not the ideal, it sure beats getting soaked. Whenever a couple is visiting potential sites for their outdoor wedding, they should be sure to inspect the backup plan for rain. If you really do not like the venue's indoor spaces or there simply is no available indoor space, keep looking for another venue! The last thing you want is to wake up on the morning of your wedding and realize that the wedding is going to be completely rained out.

There is nothing quite as handy as a bunch of giant golf umbrellas when wedding weather takes a turn for the worse. Even for an indoor or tented wedding, it is very thoughtful to station a couple of ushers near the parking area to escort your guests to the ceremony site. If you don't have ushers at your wedding, round up some uncles and cousins to do the job. Also be sure to set up a place in the vestibule or foyer of the venue where guests can hang up wet raincoats and umbrellas.

brideinrainAs for the bride herself, keeping a long wedding gown dry on a wet day is a major concern. It is ideal to cover the gown in waterproof bags and get dressed at the ceremony site. The trick is to cover the long bridal garment bag with a second plastic bag. When you reach your destination, tear off the outer bag and discard it before opening the inner garment bag – that will ensure that no moisture reaches the wedding gown. When it is necessary to get dressed at home and travel to the ceremony in the gown, veil, and crystal wedding jewelry, enlist a group of assistants to keep the wedding gown and train lifted above the wet ground. Definitely plan to wear your rain boots on the way to the venue and change into your silk bridal shoes at the last possible moment.

Another consideration for brides faced with a wet wedding day is their beauty routine. You know your hair best, and how it will react to a damp humid day. It may be that the loose flowing waves you had planned for your wedding hairdo will turn into a frizzy disaster on a rainy day. In that case, a quick change to a low bun or up-do might be in order. Naturally, you will want to take care to keep your face completely dry so that your makeup does not run.

While rain on your wedding day is not ideal, it definitely does not have to spoil the fun. Remember that a good attitude is your best defence against any wedding mishap – if you are upbeat and having a great time, your guests will feel the same way, no matter what the weather may be like. And who knows – maybe the old saying that rain on your wedding day is lucky just might turn out to be true for you

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