P.S It’s Valentines Day

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valentines_dayYes it’s that time of the year again, when every company and brand is sending out love struck messages, and completely commercializing one day out of 365 days of the year so that we, the people, find a way to show our love and affection for one another.

I’m not trying to sound like a hater – although my first paragraph might say otherwise.  I like the idea of Valentines day.  In fact it’s quite fun – personally and professionally (what else can you expect for an events planner ?)After all which girl (or guy) doesn’t want to be showered with affection by their special someone ?

I just feel that isn’t that something that should (and can) be done anytime, all the time, even randomly so and not just on one specific day ? (besides isn’t that what birthdays, and anniversaries are for?) …  In fact I reckon the more random the displays of affection – the more ‘real’ it comes across and the person on the receiving end would appreciate it that so much more than just on V-day …  

I honestly think that if you want to show someone, anyone (mother, father, relative, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife) any sort of affection or showcase of ‘love’ – it’s not bound to a specific day.  What do you think ? Or am I just being very cynical ?

p.s have I told you lately that I love you


Namz said...

I totally agree with you. You are not being cynical but infact being very realistic. I too have always felt that, you don’t need a special day to express your love for anyone. It can be done on any day. Yes the concept of valentine is lovely. But it has been commercially exploited to the max!

In a very short time span almost everything that has got to do with celebrating valentine just automatically goes up 200%. Including parking space for the evening. And people are going for it in droves. It's just too ridiculous.

What guy wouldn't want to spash some luxury on his girl? But if everything goes up 200%, how many of us guys are really left that can really afford it? Imagine saving up for a gift and finally finding out that if you're lucky, what you have saved-up will probably get you a small flower or two. Well, it's better than getting an empty box with an ugly wrapping paper. Whoa... evil nightmare!

But hey, if you can afford it, go for it. One can never take his money to the grave anyway. Personally if my pockets ran deep, I couldn't care less if for one day in a year I have to pay anything 200% extra for my women and my loved ones.

I may not afford all the stuff that makes a dream valentine come true but it's not going to stop me from loving my women. And loving my women is no dream but infact a 24/7-365 passion. So one day is just not gonaa cut it.

Love is eternal. No matter how bad capitalism exploits it, the spirit of valentine lives in each and everyone of us as long as we remember to love each other. Why wait for one day to love? Love is not a comodity for sale, Love is not a mass demonstration, it is a personal and sincere commitment.

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