10 Types of Facebook Friends

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I came across this info graphic via ClassFinders and just had to share it with you all.

I’m glad I don’t have The Propagandist on my friends’ list; everyone else I can deal with.  There are quite a few hometown heroes & heroines that I know; a few baby braggers (but they aren’t really that bad); a few exes too (but I don’t creep around their profiles stalking their daily behaviour !!) that are on my FB list.

What about you ?? Who’s on your FB List ? I suppose if I had to be one of the below types – then I’d be the organizer .. except that all my friends DO attend the parties I organize.  I was asked to help organize our class reunion but with all of us spread out across the world – there didn’t seem to be a point since sub-groups of our graduating class meet up anyway throughout the year.

6 Types of Facebook Friends From High School by Class Finders

by Class Finders