Wordless Wednesday #23 Fields of Green

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I took this picture last week from a moving train whilst en-route from Delhi to Amritsar.  It must have been about 7:30 am or so and the air was crisp and chilly.  There was this mist in the air, an early morning fog if you could call it that .. but I loved it.

The view made me keep looking out into the horizon.  Great way to start the morning.


N.C said...

Would have to say I'm SEEING GREEN!!literallyyy I see and I feel it...soooooooo jealous!!Wasn't part of this awesome trip:(...Atleast im consoled by the fact that you say you prayed for me!yay! ..WAHEGURU..xxx

Dazediva said...

@ NC .. of course I prayed for you :P you asked didn't ya :P and no reason to see green - we will go on a holy trip together :P