Music Monday #20 Matchbox 20 - Bent

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I just realized that on my 20th Music Monday – the artist I have chosen has the #20 in their name =)  … and no I didn’t do it on purpose.

Did you know that in Europe - ‘bent’ meant ‘gay’ and this was around the time the posters of the tour featured the lead singer in tight pants and eye liner !  In UK it’s a term used as being troubled, someone with a few issues.  I like the fact that fact that the term used is ‘bent’ and not ‘broken’ … bent is more likely to be fixed .. broken has to be mended ..

When you first hear the song and really listen to the lyrics – it could come off as a relationship between two people who are a bit messed up but being together would mean that they are ok – because they are together.  A possibility ?

What if it’s just a reflection of all the things one has been through ? The uhugsps-and-downs; the good & bad .. someone who is searching for the one who won’t judge his/her past but just take them as they are and be there through the next rollercoaster ride .. but instead of getting off – be willing to go for the ride again and again … ? 

The lyrics are amazing – quite romantic in their own way – without being mushy.  Of course I want someone to hold me again .. and then again some more .. so what if I have issues :P

I’ve always liked this song .. it’s one of those few ‘lyrics-based’ tracks that I enjoy listening to =)  Every time I hear it – it stirs a different emotion in me (and the guitar intro gives me crazy goose bumps EVERY time without fail)… takes me through the various phases of my life … I’ve learned a lot about life, relationships and people over the years .. and as ‘perfect’  as one may appear to another  no one is really perfect … then again maybe I like to believe that because in my own way I’m pretty ‘bent’ ;)

What are your thoughts ? Do you like the song ? What do you think about it ? and what’s your pick for this Music Monday ?

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Namz said...

Cool choice. Love Matchbox20. Just shows that one don't need to be all mushy to be romantic. And yes I agree the guitar grooves kindda shake your spine. Guitars do that. Happy MM Dazediva. Have a great weekend :)

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Anonymous said...

First off.. isnt being fixed and mended pretty much the same thing?? ;)

Never heard Matchbox20 before.. very nice. I loved the lyrics of the song... not so crazy bout the lead singer tho.. I just feel his style of singing would be better suited to a different genre... something just doesnt sit right with me. Dunno why.

and yeah.. You're bent alright! LOL ;-)