So Everything Happens For A Reason …

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I’ve been watching this TV show called ‘Flash Forward’ for a few weeks now. Have you ever seen it or heard of it ? I didn’t know about it until I ran out of things to watch on the HD – and saw that my bro had this particular series saved.

To summarize – the world is hit by a global blackout for just over 2 minutes; everyone passes out and gets a glimpse of their lives 6 months in to the future.

The night before last - it was as if I had a mini-epiphany or a ‘eureka moment’ ! (not that I’d know that but you get my drift) It may not be everything-happens-for-a-reason1for some but for me it sure as hell felt like it. I’ve had a crazy busy few weeks and have been exhausted. And just as I was dozing off – it all kinda made sense.

Whatever happens – happens for a reason and is a consequence of our actions. We have created the paths that we walk on; and as much as we can change our path; and try new ones – we will end up wherever we were meant to be. Wherever fate / destiny wants us to be.

And ironically enough – I got this quote come through my inbox which I think is perfect for this post :

"The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action."
-- John Dewey

I’m not someone who gets drawn by horoscopes, astrology etc – sure I check my star sign out every now and then when I scan the papers but it’s not like I go out of my way to see what ‘destiny’ or the the higher powers have in store for me for that day … Perhaps about a week or ten days ago – my sister (also same star sign) gave me something to read and she is firm believer in destiny and ‘angels’ amongst other things … slightly conflicted reading material but overall positive news for my star sign along with lots of specific dates provided.

So the point of this post … well there isn’t one really – it’s just that the other night – it all fell into place and I just ‘accepted’ that everything happens for a reason. In my mind – I got that little eureka moment just so I could write this post (haha conceited I know but what the hell).

Oh well – madam NC will be happy to know that I might just have to ‘accept’ the fact that I am in this particular city for reasons beyond my comprehension (and perhaps I will never know why); and that I will TRY not to send out the negative energies that she insists I send out all the time =P


Anonymous said...

aww stay positive sweety! Everything does happen for a reason :)

Praba said...

aww stay positive sweety! Everything does happen for a reason :) - forgot to put my name in the earlier one :P

Dazediva said...

@ Praba .. so cute :) I am positive .. just not always .. I'm kinda neutral or pessimistic .. just so that when it turns out great - its a feel good too :)

Karishma Sundaram said...

I agree with the philosophy that we choose the paths we are on, although sometimes it seems out of control.

I really don't subscribe to astrology because it seems far-fetched that all the people in the world can be divided into 12 categories. Life is far more individualistic than that, right?

I resented being in India for the longest time, mainly because the way things our done here sicken me. But I see a definite change for the better in myself, which would not have happened otherwise.

Whoops.. this turned out to be a LONG comment.. lol

Anonymous said...

I agree completely. We're not as much in control of our lives as we'd like to believe!! Guess you have to learn to simply submit yourself into the hands of a higher power!! :) No, not me.. was talking bout God! ;)

Then again... :D

Dazediva said...

@ Karishma .. hardly long :P but insightful .. a bit hard to imagine that everyone can be categorized into 12 types .. most of the Aquarian traits seem to fit in perfectly for me (but then again look at my sis and you can see the difference immediately hahaha)

I don't resent India per say - just the way things are done here .. there's a lot of scope for the country and its people .. it just has to be applied that's all .. I'm just about to coming to terms with the way things work here .. its frustrating as hell but I'm working on my issues LOL

@ Ve .. God aka Ve .. could you kindly stop throwing my negative energies at my car .. it's costing me an arm & a leg to keep it in pristine condition ..

It's as if we are in control of our lives until it's out of our control .. most of the time you can look back and say 'yeah this happened cos XYZ happened etc' but really all of those were already due to happen .. its in our nature to believe it was because of our own actions/deeds/doings that it DID happen ...

Anonymous said...

whoa babe!! You misunderstood my 'then again.."! Wasnt tryint to say God and I were the same ... was implying that I guess I could live with it if you decided to submit yourself into MY hands!! ;)

No way I want God's job... didnt you see Bruce Almighty??

wanna know the problem? Things are NEVER in our hands!! Its just that when things are hunky-dory.. we 'assume' that its coz of us. The minute the shit hits the fan... suddenly we are made aware of our own helplessness!!!But if you learn to be grateful to the ONE for all the good things that have happened so far, you wont find it too hard to trust Him when your world seems like its falling apart, and nothing makes sense anymore!

Gemma said...

if everything happens for a reason, why do 8 year old children get brain tumours?

Haddock said...

This is one of the best policies to follow.
Everything happens for the best.