Dazed Poet : Adieu

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I came across another old piece of writing / poetry which I had posted up when I first started this blog back in the summer of 2008 … I’d like to share it with you all and get your thoughts on it …

I might have subconsciously selected this one … some of you know that I lost my grandfather a few months ago .. even now to put that down in black & white brings tears to my eyes … so perhaps that’s why I connected once again with this piece of writing … 


The final goodbye
is somewhat
similar to a
first hello

Uncertainty, anxiousness
a slight fear
overcomes you

The first hello
is rewarded with
a bright smile

The final goodbye
is said with
the moist glistening
in the eyes;
the hard lump
at the back of the throat

This goodbye is
forever in death
yet not so final
in memory....

© DazeDiva

I’d like to know how you feel when you read this ? What image comes to mind ?  Do the words express what happened in that image ?  Have you experienced something similar ? Are you able to relate to this ?

There are references to a first hello and a good bye which could be taken in two ways … losing a loved one from a personal relationship i.e. break-up, separation or losing someone by way of passing on …

Whether you like it, love it, hate it or think it’s not real poetry – I’d really like to know .. so don’t be shy with your comments !


Praba said...

Love the poem!! :)) keep writing sweety!! Only when i read it did i realize how much the first hello and the final goodbye are similar...

Dazediva said...

@ Praba .. welcome to my blog :) thanks for your lovely words ... when I wrote this years ago - it really stuck to me .. and now after many different experiences - I always notice how both hello & goodbye are so similar ..