5 Mobile Apps for Finding Great Movies

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….. and my brothers’ company AppSpark which developed the app ‘MoviesNow’ and Movies Now HD is featured in Mashable’s ‘5 Mobile Apps For Finding Great Movies’ !!!!

As stated in the article :

In North America, two of the most popular online movie ticketing services are MovieTickets.com and Fandango.  MovieTickets.com has an unofficial (and beautifully executed) app by way of Movies Now HD

The MoviesNow app lets you find upcoming showtimes in your area and purchase tickets from participating theaters.   Movies Now HD is $1.99, works on the iPhone and iPad and can conveniently link to your MovieTickets.com account.  It also offers upcoming films, trailers and synopsis info.

I’m soooo proud of my baby brother KC =) and my younger cousin Namco as well (he is also one of the co-founders of the company alongside my brother); and KBM as the director of the company.

If you are into your mobile phone apps – then make sure you follow & like them on the MoviesNow Facebook Fan Page and don’t forget to follow them on MoviesNow on Twitter 

And before I get accused of being biased – here are the other 4 apps featured in the article :

  1. Movie Night Out - a free app for the iPhone and Android that is designed to help answer the question, “what do you want to do tonight?
  2. Entertainment Weekly Must List has also made this information accessible on the iPhone and iPad. Using the app, you can watch trailers, read reviews and get release information all from within the app.
  3. Miso is free and available for iPhone and Android; and the concept is similar to FourSquare .. basically you check out what your friends are watching to decide what you should watch.

  4. Clicker is a web service and iPhone and Android app that lets you find out what type of content is available to watch online, as well as what your friends are watching.

Have fun with the apps guys ! and show some support for the Diva’s siblings if you are an iPhone or iPad user ;)


Anonymous said...

WHOA!! Bloody cool!!! Looks like brains runs in ur family after all! ;) Never was one for the Iphone, but I'll pass this on to my friends who are! :)


Dazediva said...

@ Ve .. pretty cool isn't it :) so proud of my baby bro heheh not that he really is but still ... I'm not for the iPhone either but gotta pimp the app :)

Thanks for spreading the word :)

Anonymous said...

hey when you leaving for Mauritius btw?? Im getting tired of this wedding season already!! :D

Dazediva said...

@ Ve .. I'm off from 24th to 30th or maybe even 2nd Dec ... then got weddings in Feb & March to plan for ... don't worry I'll be back before you know it .. see I'm keeping to my word - I'm posting just for you :P

p.s. go over to the Music Monday post and leave your thoughts on that .. should be interesting :P

Anonymous said...

awww sweetie... The posts are much appreciated!!! :) What you getting back for me to make up for your 10 day absence? ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you know much about MovieNightOut V2, I think it runs much smoother and has features that blow the original app out of the smartphone. let me know if youd like to hear more.