Music Monday #17 Wolfsheim – Dream of You

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I was going through my old music posts and had to re-post this … The original post can be found here.   From the moment I heard this track (sometime at the end of 2008) I felt an immediate connection to it :)

As I’ve mentioned before - I'm not much one for lyrics - I prefer to listen to beats ... and this tune had it 'all' ... some wickedly sensual beats, deep lyrics and an intensity that I just don't know how to explain.

I had come home that night and put my head phones on - closed my eyes, letting my fingers find a life of their own and here’s what I came up with …

... my fingers type words that I do not know .. a shudder going through my blood cells with a tingle all the way down to my toes ... it's making me dizzy ... I'm spinning .. I can actually feel myself get lost to the beats and the bass ... my breath has become shallow .. paced .. my mind is a whirlwind of activity ... no .... energy would be the right word ... the rhythm behind those beats combined with the way the words have been used .. it engulfs me - taking my breath away !

Today I as tweak this post – I’ve put back the headphones and closed my eyes and here’s what my magic fingers dished out …

I can feel the music echo through my veins … through every pore of my body … there’s something about it … that engulfs me … the back beat – its almost as if I can feel my own heart beat racing … I think I know now what an out of body experience might be like … I can feel myself being lifted .. my soul is floating within me … the vocals send shivers down the back of my neck ..

Just had a look at what I typed up …. perhaps you will just have to hear the track the way I have to possibly understand what I'm trying to convey here ...

If you enjoy listening to beats then this is definitely a track you need to hear ... Extremely uplifting ... it'll make you smile .. even if you aren't a 'house / trance' type of person ...

The beats and the lyrics are quite contradictory actually when you think about it ... We've all always been here all along and each of us has been at some point or the other - in search of that someone ... you have a vision - 'dream' as the lyrics go - of what this person is going to be like .. how compatible they are going to be to your life .. and perhaps whilst we are going about our daily lives and just living life as it is our very last day ... there come days when you wonder why there is that 'something lacking' feeling ? Despite the fullness you have around you - there is some small part of you - no matter how deeply hidden away - that is floating in loneliness ...

It's kinda obvious that we as humans need someone at some point or the other to share our lives with .. more so - we need that significant other - who is able to dig into your soul and see what no other can see about you ... Is that the vision you have ? Is that the vibes the beats are giving off ?

What do you think about the song ? Have you heard it before ? Are you able to relate to the music and the lyrics ? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Wolfsheim – Dream of You 

I've been here all the time
As far as I know doing right
I've always waited for the moment
That you would come through my door
But this brought loneliness so far
I lay my hand onto my heart
Is this a life I want to live?
Is this the dream I had of you? (2x)
Now I'm standing here alone
Waiting on my own
For something that will fill the emptiness inside
The moment that you're mine
But this is loneliness I know
I lay my hand onto my soul
Is this what life has got to give?
Is this the dream I had of you?
... the dream I had of you?

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Cakeblast said...

You are a really good writer. I like music like this when there is company over because it sets a great mood, but I don't get distracted by words.

Happy Music Monday! Please come check out my Music Monday selection too.

Dazediva said...

@ CakeBlast .. thanks so much for the kind words =) glad you enjoyed this tune, it's one of my favourites.

p.s you must tell me how to leave an link like you did in the comment section

Bill said...

Hi Diva, I don't think i have heard this before but it is nice. Great choice. Have a great week my friend Happy MM to you.

Elara said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog! Love your Music Monday selection! Love your blog template and font too. :)

Debbie aka Phatelara
Ramblings of the Phat

Bill said...

BTW here is mine. Music Monday

Kimberly said...

Absolutely beautiful writing!! I'm glad that you de-lurked yourself and found me cause your writing blows my mind!
Consider yourself offically stalked by me ;)

Dazediva said...

@ Bill .. thanks hon, left my comment luv on your blog too :) At least between us we can introduce or re-introduce some tunes to each other heheh

@ Phatelara aka Debbie .. welcome to my blog & thanks for your very kind words. The font I use is Segoe Print (so glad someone can see it properly LOL)

@ Kimberly .. welcome to my sporadic reflections :) and now you're making me blush !!!! *grin* I'm gonna enjoy being stalked by you :P just added you on Twitter :)

Patricia said...

Great choice of songs, never it before but really enjoyed it. I love when that happens :)

Anonymous said...

very nice! I'm not too much into lyrics either so I actualy enjoyed listening to the track while reading your lyrics!! very intense!

The original lyrics kinda had a different meaning for me tho... ever heard the saying 'you don't know what you have until you've lost it'?? He's empty inside coz she's no longer with him, and he dreams of her.. waiting for her to come back!

Dazediva said...

@ Patricia .. its all about the magic of melodies; when you come across one that you like - it can fit just about anything :)

@ Ve .. it was just as intense the first time I heard this .. I couldn't get this track out of my mind !

Agreed that the meaning of the lyrics can go both ways .. Maybe subconsciously I've blocked the 'lost' part out .. but I hear ya .. now that I opened myself to it .. it applies to both scenarios .. but like I mentioned before - I am not one to mope .. so I look forward to what the future holds for me :)

Anonymous said...

I agree.. holding on to the past is altogether pointless..not to mention an utter waste of time! I'd say the only time one should focus on the past is when they want to learn from it... so that you can either grow as a person from the experiences you've had, or to learn not to repeat the same mistakes!

Think maybe I need to listen to it again, to hear what you hear this time around :)