Wolfsheim (Schiller feat Heppner) - Dream of You

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I heard this track for the first time earlier this evening and felt an immediate connection to it :) and had to find out the name ...

Wolfsheim - Dream of You

Here's a bit of background on the artist if you don't already know ...

Wolfsheim was a synthpop band (a subgenre of New Wave in which the synthesizer is the dominant musical instrument) from Hamburg, Germany.

The band was founded in 1987 by Markus Reinhardt and Pompejo Ricciardi. They were inspired by the name of a fictional character from F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.

Wolfsheim's style takes cues from the 1980s New Romantics and New Wave; their lyrics tend to be melancholic, but at the same time modernist.

Now as I mentioned before - I'm not much one for lyrics - I prefer to listen to beats ... and this tune had it 'all' ... some wickedly sensual beats, deep lyrics and an intensity that I just don't know how to explain.

I got home a little while ago and went on the hunt for the lyrics - and thanks to the gods of google, a couple of key words - and voila ! On first reading - the words don't mean so much - and it feels sort of 'low', 'depressed', .. you get my drift ?

By the time I had found the lyrics - I'd also managed to download the actual song and find the youtube video ... and before you roll your eyeballs ... I've paid for enough CD's over the last decade !!

I played the track with the head phones on, closed my eyes, letting my fingers find a life of their own .. and here's the product ......
... my fingers type words that I do not know .. a shudder going through my blood cells with a tingle all the way down to my toes ... it's making me dizzy ... I'm spinning .. I can actually feel myself get lost to the beats and the bass ... my breath has become shallow .. paced .. my mind is a whirlwind of activity ... no .... energy would be the right word ... the rhythm behind those beats combined with the way the words have been used .. it engulfs me - taking my breath away !

Daaammnn ... pretty emotive for someone who was typing with their eyes closed ... hmmm ... you will just have to hear the track the way I have to possibly understand what I'm trying to explain here ...

It's a pretty upbeat start to the track which automatically gets your toes tapping :) If you enjoy listening to beats then this is definitely a track you need to hear ... Extremely uplifting ... it'll make you smile .. even if you aren't a 'house / trance' type of person ... The beats and the lyrics are quite contradictory actually when you think about it ...

We've all always been here all along and each of us has been at some point or the other - in search of that someone ... you have a vision - 'dream' as the lyrics go - of what this person is going to be like .. how compatible they are going to be to your life .. and perhaps whilst we are going about our daily lives and just living life as it is our very last day ... there come days when you wonder why there is that 'something lacking' feeling ? Despite the fullness you have around you - there is some small part of you - no matter how deeply hidden away - that is floating in loneliness ...

It's kinda obvious that we as humans need someone at some point or the other to share our lives with .. more so - we need that significant other - who is able to dig into your soul and see what no other can see about you ... Is that the vision you have ? Is that the vibes the beats are giving off ?

I'm now hearing this track for the fourth time as I ramble on .. and I'm thoroughly enjoying it .. I'm smiling, tapping my feet, grooving even :) It's one of those tracks that I can see myself completely letting go to at a club ... The rhythm just makes you want to sway your body in time with the beats ...

I've been here all the time
As far as I know doing right

I've always waited for the moment
That you would come through my door

But this brought loneliness so far

I lay my hand onto my heart

Is this a life I want to live?
Is this the dream I had of you? (2x)

Now I'm standing here alone

Waiting on my own

For something that will fill the emptiness inside

The moment that you're mine

But this is loneliness I know
I lay my hand onto my soul

Is this what life has got to give?

Is this the dream I had of you?

... the dream I had of you?


Prutha said...

I love it!!! the post as well as the track!!!
heres to more such music!! :)

Dazediva said...

So glad that you love it ! It's one of my favourite tracks :)

You must check out Schillers' other music .. I can guarantee that certain tracks will be left on repeat !