Exploring The Unknown World of Dating … Still

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A very dear friend of mine – who’s an absolute charmer with a Capital C – sent me this post after reading my post ‘Dating ? What’s That ? and I have to share it with you all here in Blogosphere. Enjoy the Guest Post and Happy Reading !

An adorable, adorable, gorgeous girl has sparked this one ..and I am just tempted to put all those thoughts out there. I just read her blog and one of her recent blogs; spoke about Dating! Dating in a city of dreams, Mumbai. Her blog was more about the whole concept than the city scenario and I was captivated, so here I am, spilling my beans….

She mentioned this and I am just reiterating it, Dating has a different meaning for different people. In a city like ours, where colleagues become friends and friends sometimes become partners, it can get pretty complicated. In a fairly active social life, you end up meeting a lot of people, almost everyone that you meet (Single people of course) either look at you like a loser ( guy/girl) or as someone with some potential. Really that’s about it, these are really the only two extreme set of classifications people have, in the beginning of course!!!

Once you get to know the person it’s a different scenario all together. The challenge for me has always been about the start, When do I start dating? Am I ready for it? What am I really looking for? Am I too old for dating? Isn’t it about time I start seeing someone cause I do wanna get married soon …but how can I see that person if I haven’t dated her yet? Even before I meet someone, I have already gone through these zillion questions in my head, with answers that only lead to some more questions and some more ….

So at some point I stop trying and finding answers, I just ‘Go with the flow’. Meet someone, go out for coffee/ movie/ dinner…wondering if I should hold her hand and make her feel like my date and not just another friend, should I peck her on the cheek and promise to call her…or should I just “Go with the flow”….God wondering what is really right to do…..

I have to say this, Facebook has simply changed the way Dating used to be. One evening out with the person and the next day both the individuals are logging on to FB checking their pictures, likes, dislikes, comments etc….It’s like someone gave them a chance to peep into the other persons entire life.…..Initially I have to admit, I loved the idea… but over a period of time I realized it made things too easy, it made things too comfortable, It made the chase too easy ….even before you realized,…..you were a couple!!!!! What I realize only now is that it also made her and mine exit easy too…even before moments of silence, moments of awkwardness, fights….we were Single again!!!

I am obviously not blaming FB for anything, just supporting my situation with some make belief facts…While I struggle to convince myself with similar facts, I made some rules for myself for the unknown journey….I made some rules that’ll define me…I made some rules that’ll let me be me…..

  1. Be yourself…. no matter how ugly she looks or how pretty she is…be yourself
  2. Don’t hold back anything, if you want to say it….Say It…….let her do the same ( only if she wants too of course)

No rules beyond these two seem logical to me at any point, honestly it hasn’t got me too much luck but hey what the hell at least I don’t have a guilt to live with. So here I am writing all this, hoping to be back in the world of Dating once again….actually I am not really sure about….but what the Heck….’Let’s just Go with the flow’.

Happy Reading….and incase you are heading where I am …Wish you luck…I know I need it!!!

You say one Love, One life …when all you really need, is just one night !!!....

AS A.S comes from a Public Relations background and those of you from Mumbai might have seen his 6ft frame at a very popular night club in the city.

His blog is called ‘My Enclosure’ where he’s still discovering ways to find a space all for himself.


Pankaj Ahuja said...

Very nice post.. Looking to more of your posts now..

Anonymous said...

The dude's given a very honest view on how he perceives dating. Personally I disagree with quite a few things he's said.. but like we all agree.. its different for him and different for me. So I wont say he's wrong in his perceptions.. they just dont apply to me, thats all. :-)