Wordless Wednesday #12 View of The Wine

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I really love this picture !! I took it a few months back and just looking at it reminds of the weekend that was Beyond Belief !

What do you think of the photo ? Does it make you feel anything or conjure up any sort of image for you (aside from the obvious :P) ?

Have a great Wordless Wednesday everyone !!


Anonymous said...

this is beautiful!! great shot D!
and just what i needed to see, if not taste ;)


Anonymous said...

ummm... don't you think inviting people to comment on the pic takes something away from the concept of 'Wordless' Wednesday??

P.S. dont mind me... I'm just being picky! brilliant pic btw! :-D

Dazediva said...

@ Prutha .. I was wondering where you disappeared too :P

This was in Nashik ... we'll make a plan and go there :) and it tastes pretty good too if you're into white sweet chilled wine :P

@ Ve ... it's wordless but I'm a chatterbox so its apt for me to ask people to engage in a convo :P Glad you like the pic .. and seriously I want to know who you are now !! hahah

Anonymous said...

lol.. I'll take that to mean that we never will have a truly wordless wednesday! Not that I'm complaining.. I enjoy senseless drivel just as much as the next guy! ;-) just kiddin!!!! :-D

you want to know who I am? firstly.. its not like you're an open book either, you know. apart from the highly enlightening revelation that you own a pair of charcoal grey denims with the word boutique firmly emblazoned upon the butt... if that is even you! ;-)

and secondly.. you think I'm nuts? after your earlier outburst on the disadvantages of familiarity?? I think I prefer to remain anonymous!! lol.. I'm blogless for now.. but you can hit me up on vequise1@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

disappeared into piles of work :S
but yes, a trip to nashik does sound exciting :D and im definitely into chilled whites :) though not too sure about the 'sweet' factor...btu hey, no harm in trying ;)


Dazediva said...

@ Ve ... touche :P I am actually quite the open book .. depends if you've picked up the right cover that's all .. and as a side note .. that is very much MY butt in those charcoal denims :)

That was familiarity in a different sorta context :P but I'll give you the point that hahaha

@ Prutha .. sweet white or port is the best sorta wine ! I can't drink red wine; makes me sleepy ! 2 glasses and I'm 'happy' hahaha Give me vodka over wine any day to keep my well behaved side out for the audiences ! You must try the Sula Chenin Blanc chilled .. very nice ! d

Danielle said...

What a great shot!!

Thanks for linking up!

Anonymous said...

pretty sure I've got the right cover.. just need to make sure I ask the right questions now! :-) and I knew I was taking the familiarity bit outta context.. but heck, who doesnt like being one up??

btw... next time you're doing a wine and cheese nite with friends...since you mentioned liking sweet white wines.. try out an Aussie brand called Yellowtail.. its a wee bit pricier... but I think you'll like it! :-)

Anonymous said...

lol!!! i shall keep that in mind ;)
as for me, im very picky abt my wines...not a fan of sula :( my latest favs are good earth and york...the york sauvignon blanc is magic!! its by far the best indian wine i've had :)
and i dont mind reds if i wanna have a quiet evening with some light jazz...but white is definitely preferred otherwise :D

PS: the tasting season starts in a couple of months!! cant wait for it!!