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For someone who never enjoyed poetry during English Lit class – I somehow managed to get a grasp of writing my own poetry (or perhaps my Lit professor was just being kind)

Here’s one of my first pieces of writing from close to a decade ago … I hope you enjoy it =)


What's said has
been said
What's done has
been done

The past is gone
Present almost over
Only the future awaits

I've let go of
the past . . .
I can't undo it
Alas you've condoned
The future

© DazeDiva

I’d like to know how you feel when you read this ? What image comes to mind ?  Do the words express what happened in that image ?  Have you experienced something similar ? Are you able to relate to this ?

Whether you like it, love it, hate it or think it’s not real poetry – I’d really like to know .. so don’t be shy with your comments !


Bill said...

Nice poem Diva i did not know you were a poet.

silentchatter said...

I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award and would love for you to come by and pick it up when you have time.
Here is the direct link: http://www.silentchatter.com/blogging/my-first-award/

Looking forward to reading more on your blog, have a great week :)

Dazediva said...

@ Bill .. Thank you :) I am but a character of many shades .... I never thought I would write poems; but it came about .. I had a note book with more than 100 poems .. *sigh* .. I have a lot with me now so will definitely share :)

@ SilentChatter .. Wow !! thanks so much for the Award ! I feel honoured :) am so happy you've enjoyed my blog - will be passing on the award very soon :)

Karishma Sundaram said...

Nice poem, Div! I have no head for poetry, which is probably why I have to ask..

What did you mean 'condoned the future'? I so didn't get that.

Sorry about being dense!

Dazediva said...

@ Karishma ... you're so cute !!

Condoned the future .. as in the person concerned has disregarded or overlooked the effect his/her actions will have on the future

I think back then what I was trying to convey was that whatever actions/deeds/words have been said are in the past; and there's only the 'now' and the future .. I can let go of the past but by acting on those actions/saying certain things - the person in effect had no concern or didn't consider the consequences of the deed and how it would effect the future

I hope that makes sense to you ... my lord this was written a long time ago ..

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that you wrote this whilst in a pensive mood.. probably about someone (sic!) coming to terms with something they wish they hadn't done or said. Something like.. I've moped around enough about this.. f* it all.. I need to move on now! like you said.. only the future awaits!

Tho considering all your posts, Im not surprised you found a hidden flair for poetry! Very nice! :)

Dazediva said...

@ Ve .. aahhh we're online around the same time :P

It was written about someone, something they'd done .. I'm not one to mope so moving on is the best bet right ..

You are a charmer aren't you :P Thank you for the compliment and sweet words :)

psychebubbles said...

Interesting reminiscence. :)