Push, Shove, Run & Start

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I’ve been meaning to put this up since last week in honour of Friendship Day … but due to work constraints it hasn’t really happened.

So firstly – do we really need a specific day to celebrate ‘friendship’ ?? I’d like to believe that my friends know who they are and how much they mean to me without me having to dedicate a day to them to let them know that … Isn’t that technically what birthdays are for ?

Last weekend was quite an adventurous one … My mate AM (his sister is also AM – so we’ll just have to call her Adi instead) has been going on about how amazing his sister Adi’s cookies are and after much persuading – he got off his ass and asked his sister to make us (i.e him and me and whoever else wanted any) some cookies …

I can’t begin to tell you just how much NB and I have been looking forward to these cookies .. so much so that AM has gone off to his mates house; left the cookies behind at his; his sis is out with her friends and has called me to tell me about the cookies – and AB has told NB to coordinate with me in terms of HOW we were gonna get the cookies … Yes I realize I sound like the cookie monster .. but P8010098I am a cookie monster … I love my desserts and fresh baked cookies tops the list !

NB and I have driven off in the dwindling rains of Mumbai to AM’s house and hung out with his mom whilst trying not to gobble the cookies down …. then since we had time to kill – we went off for a drive and ended up getting goodies worth Rs 1600 for Rs 1000 because we didn’t have enough cash on us and no ATM in sight.  Not bad eh ? We’ve then driven back to Colaba and called AB up to figure out if he’s done with his mates so we can enjoy the cookies with him (caring is sharing right ?)

So now we’re off to pick the Cookie Man up and head off for another drive …. NB and I just kept laughing at the fact we were doing a 360 drive of the same route already travelled …. finally we stop at Worli Sea Face and decide its time to devour the cookies …. must have been there for an hour or so and then it was time to go back home … alas work calls all of us in the morning ….

…. and that’s when the damn car wouldn’t start !!! Really – it just wouldn’t start ! No matter what I did – my poor baby refused to start ! Now what’s a girl going to do in this situation …. ‘hello my hunky male friend – can you please figure out how to start my car’ ….

And that’s how we ended up getting out of the car; started with a push and then a shove and then we ran my car down Worli Sea Face and not a single soul driving past even slowed down to CONSIDER helping us !!! Finally I flagged down a taxi who told us we were doing this all wrong …

Here’s a note people :  if you’re car isn’t starting – you DON’T push start the car in Neutral or First gear and hit the accelerator … You have to push start in Neutral; shift straight to 2nd gear and keep hitting the clutch !!!

I’m just glad that I have friends like AM and NB who are willing to push, shove, run and start my car whilst we’re stranded out on the roads =)  It’s just a damn shame I didn’t get a picture of that !!!

… and NB don’t go all emotional on me … kills my style =P  AM – I expect some more cookies now hahah


AM said...

goodies!!! lmao

Dazediva said...

@ AM .. when am I getting the next batch of cookies ? double choco chip please :)

oh and would you like to add anything to the above tale ?

Anonymous said...

hahaha! quite an adventure! and how did u manage to NOT pay for 600 rs worth stuff?? O_o

PS: notice how im not mentioning the cookies?? this is me, not talking abt cookies cos i didnt get any! hmph!


Dazediva said...

@ Prutha .. errr I have a nice smile and hence got away with not paying the balance :P

AM here is yet to confirm when the next batch of cookies will come to me - and when they do I will send you some =) how does that sound ?