Wordless Wednesday #11 Moo-tastic View

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I couldn’t resist taking this photograph a few months ago whilst I was visiting Jaipur … My mate SH and I had gone up to The Sun Temple and found this cow standing over and checking out the city view.

From this angle – it looks like a pretty moo-tastic view to me ! If only I could have gotten a shot between her horns – now that would have made for a wicked photo !

I would really appreciate if you can leave a comment – it’s so sad knowing that you’ve come here and checked out the photograph but not even said a word *sigh* .. ok ok fine – you can even say you hate the picture :P and if you are participating in Wordless Wednesday – make sure you post your link on the linky below !


Unknown said...

So pretty ! Aww :P

Unknown said...


Avinash Shahri said...

So it's not only us humans who need some time out at the terrace eh?

Dazediva said...

@ Husain .. merci merci :P

@ Avinash .. guess not ! even animals need a time-out every now and then .. and what better way than to hang out and check out the city views :P

Bill said...

Very nice picture what type of animal is that?

Dazediva said...

@ Bill ... I reckon it was a cow or a baby buffalo .. I'm gonna go with cow .. there's a lot of them walking the streets of India !