Sexy Saturday – Rhona Mitra

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This lady is HOT ! At least I think so ! I noticed her on the TV show Boston Legal; rhona_mitra3and she definitely makes for a very sexy lawyer !  Personally I think its her British accent that just appeals to me :)

Rhona Mitra is a British actress, singer and model.  The name ‘Mitra’ caught my attention and got me wondering if there was a hint of Indian in her … and I was right .. Her father is of English and Indian descent, whilst her mother is Irish. 

Side Note : I’ve always believed that children of mix race parents tend to be the best looking ones !

rhona mitra 2 She is probably best known as the live action model - Lara Croft – in the Tomb Raider video game series.  However she can also be seen in movies such as Hollow Man; Get Carter; Stuck on You; Sweet Home Alabama and Chronicles of Riddick. 

She was also ranked #46 on the Maxim Hot 100 Women of 2001.

I can’t say much more about her as I really don’t know anything else … but I love her accent and attitude in Boston Legal – it’s no wonder – the Brit in me can completely relate to this lady !

Hope you all have a very Sexy Saturday !!!


Mandy said...

I love Rhona too! You and I have such similar taste in celebrity crushes!

Dazediva said...

@ Emm .. ahhhh daring its just that we are two great minds that think a lot alike :) but she's such a hottie ! I'd kill to carry of pencil skirts like she does !!

Bill said...

Love the post Sexy Saturday. Cool name is this a linky thing. If so i would like to join. How do i do it?

Shemah said...

I agree with Bill.. Sexy Saturday does seem like a fun meme! :)

Anyways, I love Rhona Mitra too.. I noticed her in Sweet Home Alabama and was recently catching up on her latest tv series, The Gates.. Have you heard of that?

It's about this hotshot detective who moved to be a sheriff in a small protected community. Only that the community within "The Gates" comprise of the not so usual beings.. i.e. ghouls.

Rhona Mitra is a central character in that show and I'm watching it mainly bcoz of her.. But it's not THAT great a tv series, though. kinda boring.

Dazediva said...

@ Bill - so glad you like the linky name :) I made it up hehehe I'm hoping it catches on !

You can join by posting your link on the linky at the bottom of the post; so that others can see that you are participating.

@ Shemah - welcome to my blog ! and thanks for your comment :) I hope that you do participate in next weeks' meme :)

I haven't seen The Gates but read a bit about it somewhere out in cyber space ... I don't mind Ghouls - so will check it out sometime