Bride Wanted for Sexually Unfit Groom

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Yes you read the title right ! I came across a post titled ‘Wanted : Bride for Sexually Unfit Groom’ on a blog that I had never seen before.  Before I go on – I strongly suggest that you take a few minutes to go and check out Diary of a White Indian House Wife by Sharel.

The matrimonial section of the Hindustan Times on 15th August held this rather unusual advert  !

unfit groom

Firstly – WHY would one even mention the part about being sexually unfit ?  Especially if it is something that is curable ?? Why announce to a whole lot of unknown people that there’s a problem ?

Considering that the advert already has a restriction on the number of words that can be used to describe what you want – WHY would one use it to point out something that can be taken as a negative ?

Hmmmm .. what do you think ? Am I missing something between the lines here ? Is there a secret code that I don’t know about ?



Bill said...

I agree with you. You suppose to list your good points not your bad. If you list only your bad then you just wasting money because maybe nobody contact you. That is just my opinion.

Dazediva said...

@ Bill .. it does become a waste of money doesn't it ? Ideally highlight all the good qualities and then once you get to talking to someone you can inform them of any concerns / issues etc.

I understand that the person is trying to be honest - but that kind of honesty doesn't quite cut it in a matrimonial advert!

Mandy said...

Oh my hat. That is just hilarious! It is like taking out an advert in the paper for a broken teacup. Loser.

Mansi said...

Perhaps, he is trying to get sympathy sex? Oh wait, he's sexually unfit! Never mind. :P

Bharatiya Nari said...

Because in India there have been many cases of parents wedding off their daughters to men with dysfunctions because the groom was not honest. This results in horribleness for the bride, which if she and her family has any sense, will ask for the dowry back and leave him and that dishonest family that covered up the dysfunction.

So now there is a trend in India called "transperancy" when it comes to marital negotiations.

Dazediva said...

@ Emm .. LOL exactly my point ! why waste money on a non-selling product ?

@ Mansi .. I did consider sympathy sex but you're right - he's unfit .. although maybe 'cos of it - he might get sympathy (especially if he's got the $$$)

@ Bharatiya Nari .. welcome to my blog and thanks for sharing your comment :) Does the 'transparency' concept actually work though ? I still reckon there is a certain amount of dishonesty behind the whole marital negotiations (just the fact that there are any negotiations is beyond me but that's another story altogether)

Bharatiya Nari said...

Well, precisely why I'm IMPRESSED with this ad. For once we are seeing an Indian family put all their cards on the negotiation table.

Now, another family that has a daughter who also suffers from some sort of sexual dysfunction can reply.

It's a win/win!

The only drawback is that the pair won't be popping out grand-babies. And you know how important that is to Desi parents.....

sharell said...

Haha. My view is, why sell a piece of equipment in a broken state if it's fixable?! Why not take the time to get it fixed first, so that it's in a more appealing condition (and worth more too, because lets face it... the guy isn't exactly rolling in money. He earns less than 30k a month). :-)

Dazediva said...

@ Bharitya Nari ... aahhh yes, the grandchild syndrome ! what good is a wife if she can't produce the next generation eh ?

@ Sharell .. Agreed - must fix before trying to sell ! although in this case they might have been going for a sale bargain option .. for the majority of the population 30k per month is a big deal (considering the avg salary is about 20k if I'm not mistaken)

Bharatiya Nari said...

Hey! Don't knock 30k.

I'm in the USA and 30,000 rupees per month looks pretty good to me - FROM HERE!

(damn economy!)