Music Mondays #13 Taio Cruz – Break Your Heart

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This is a wicked tune ! And I reckon if more people were straight up about their intentions there’d be a lot less whining and crying in the world.  Ok maybe not – it might lead to a higher rate of initial pain but in the long run that attitude works best.

Even though the track is about a total player being unabashedly honest about his persona – it’s got some kind of appeal.  I suppose the appeal is that everyone – guys and gals alike – want some sort clear cut honesty when they meet someone. 

If I’m going to spend my free time with someone – the least they can do is be clear about their intentions and motives.  Many may not agree with this; whilst quite a few will.  My life is an open canvas – if you’re going to scribble or doodle – you might as well just paint the picture already =P

What are your thoughts on this track ? Do you agree with what I have to say ? Or do you disagree ? and why ? I can be quite a blunt person – so I suppose that’s why I’d appreciate the honesty behind the lyrics; and it would make life so much simpler if the men I meet just told me what they wanted (i.e. be friends, date, do business or just hook up and take it from there) instead of beating around the bush and eventually landing up in the friend-zone !

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Bill said...

This is a great song my friend. I have featured it before on MM. Happy MM to you also : )

Anonymous said...

I loved the lyrics.. bang on.. thats how we all should be. makes sense coming from a man who wants to be upfront about his intentions ( I mean wouldnt every women love to know before hand if the guy trying to date her is an arsehole??) and THOUGH honesty may be the best policy, this doesnt necessarily apply when it comes to women!!

lol.. dont get me wrong here. all I'm trying to say is that you women are a lot more complicated than you even know.. or will admit! So its only natural that the good guys dont openly declare what their intentions are.. they wanna take it slow and let things fall into place.

lol.. I loved your comment " instead of beating around the bush and eventually landing up in the friend-zone !" coz that is what happens a lot of the time.. has happened waaaaay more times with me than I would like to remember!! 'Casualties of war' is what I refer to those relationships as... heck, I could have been a great lover.. now Im elevated to being an even better friend! (or reduced to, depending on how you choose to view it!!) ;-)

Should we really all speak our minds? Bluntness over tact?? a matter of perspective if you ask me...

Dazediva said...

@ Bill .. will drop by and leave you a note :) I hadn't seen it. thanks for stopping by :)

@ Ve ... firstly, welcome to my world :) and secondly I think we could be friends - you're wicked ! LOL

I'm a woman - and I can admit that we can be pretty complicated to the opposite sex AND to ourselves !

I get that the good guys may want to take it slow - but sometimes they are 'really' slow !!! and that's how they end up in the friend zone :(

As much as we might want to speak our minds, I suppose we don't do it all of the time in fear that it might come across as to forthright / bold and/or worried that it might be affect the other persons' feelings / thoughts ... it boils down to the fact that we are a society have been practically brainwashed by concepts such as 'the game' and 'the rules' that everyone is too worried about crossing some invisible path that leaves them in a catch 22 situation !

On that note - I'll leave the rest of my thought for another post.

p.s I can't access your blog; do share it with us all :)

Anonymous said...

@Daze... thanks for the warm welcome! :)

Firstly, when it comes to good guys going slow, it has nothing to do with society. Its just a man making sure he doesnt overstep any boundaries before he can make a lasting impression! tho I would have to agree, sometimes he takes it much slower than he should! I get the impression that this has happened to you more than once.. cant wait to hear the stories in detail!! ;-)

"that we are a society have been practically brainwashed by concepts such as 'the game' and 'the rules' "
Lol.. if only life were that simplistic!! I disagree actually... its not a matter of being brainwashed.. whether we admit it or not, we CHOOSE to live within the confines that society places on us, simply because we want to be a part of that society!! Im sure we'd all love to say that we dont give a tiny rat's ass about how people judge us, but the truth is.. past a point, at some level.. we all do!

Besides.. your desire to have a man speak his mind to you will be a good thing ONLY if you reciprocate his emotions... not if the sight of him sets off your gag reflex!! ;-)

sadly I havent been inspired enough yet to jot down my every thought on a blog.. just not my cuppa tea for now!

waiting for that next post of yours tho :-)