Wordless Wednesday #9 A Sweet Ride

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I’m at a loss at what to say about this super sweet ride … except that I got to go for a drive in it last night !  And now I want a ride again !!


Yes folks – I had the pleasure of being driven around in a Maserati !!! 2009-maserati-quattroporte-2 The drive was awesome although I feared more for the car than anything else .. Bombay has way too many holes in the roads due to the monsoons (wait heck who am I kidding – the holes are there year long) and I was just worried about the car getting damaged !

And the driver was not too shabby either – pretty cute actually … and I’ve invited for another drive =) All in all – not a bad night !

Have a great Wednesday everyone ! and don’t forget to play !


Anonymous said...

coool!! :)
next time, pic of the car WITH the cute driver ;)


Dazediva said...

@ Prutha .. hahah next time I will do just that :P