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Whilst on this journey of discovering my Blogger Voice in the past few days – I’ve come to realize a few things.   In the last few months, quite a few people I know in my regular social circle have told me that they read my blog !

Considering the fact that I don’t really tell my friends about it – except for perhaps a select few – it was quite flattering to know that therebrand voice are others out there who read and lurk on my blog =)  These friends are lurkers – they don’t comment – but it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that they’ve taken the time to drop by .. even if its every few weeks; and not regularly.

Even more flattering was when a few of my favourite neighbours like Simone Grant, the Fabulous Bitch, SingleCityGuy all messaged to check on my MIA status.  It just felt good to know that somebody out there was thinking about me.  And these guys have never met me.  

As I mentioned in my last post – I reckon I’ve always had my Blogger Voice – and of course I have adjusted and adapted my style of writing as I got more and more regular.  However it was only recently; perhaps in the last few months that I started making a conscious effort on how to make my blog more appealing.

Here are 10 tips that you can use (and you probably do this anyway) to find your inner Blogger Voice :

  1. Be Yourself.  Nothing  you can say is wrong because it’s Your perspective.  Some people will agree with you; others will not; some may start a heated debate. But there’s nothing wrong with that.  We are all entitled to our opinions.
  2. Blog the way you think.  Your thoughts are original to you; sure – others may think the same thought – but they process it differently to you.  I took my neighbours behind the scenes and gave them something to think about for the first time in March ‘09.  I haven’t done something like that until my last post ‘To Blog .. and How ??!!’  I hope to be doing more of that this year.
  3. Mind Your P’s & Q’s.  Every writing tool (MS Word, Live Writer, down to web browsers) have got spell checks installed.  They are there for a reason.  Use them ! It shows a sign of respect to your readers.   The same way – make sure your grammar is correct.  Use capitalization and correct forms of punctuation when forming sentences.. It gives your reader a better experience.
  4. Commit To Writing.  The more you write – the stronger your voice gets.  In 2009, I averaged 10.8 posts per month.  My highest blog count is 19 posts last May.  I don’t keep a schedule for writing – I write when I feel like; but I’ve told myself that I need to have at least 4 posts a month no matter how busy I get.  If you’ve got an idea – write it down – check out my thought process that resulted in this post.
  5. Be Transparent.  Bloggers earn their readers trust.  Be honest with them.  Don’t be somebody you are not.  When I first started writing, I used to often wonder ‘how do people get blog awards' … and then sometime ago, I got my first blog award.  It didn’t stop there – I ended up with a dazed blur of awards..  It doesn’t mean I’m a super blogger – I was given those because somebody believed in what I was doing.  Nubby has written a great post on The Importance of Transparency in Blogging which is a must read.
  6. Avoid Censorship.  Just because someone has a different opinion to yours, or negates your writing doesn’t mean you censor their comments.  Unless the comments are spam; offensive and/or abusive – leave them up there.  You never know who else might stand up for your thoughts.
  7. Comment, Comment & Comment Some More.  I discovered a new layer of thoughts by interacting on other bloggers posts.  There are times I wish I could write posts like Simone or WSG – but I can’t (in time perhaps) but I let them know by commenting on their blogs.  And it’s always nice to see other people keeping your comments in mind when responding.  Besides, a lot of what you read and comment on can help inspire your next blog masterpiece !
  8. Ask for Feedback.  Let go of your ego and fears and just ask someone for feedback; and take it with a pinch of salt.  Bloggers are a friendly bunch – if you ask for help – they help.  If you need motivation – they give you that little push to get your feet in motion.
  9. Experiment With Content.  If you’ve got a favourite author, give their writing style a shot.  I’ve seen a lot of ‘Wordless Wednesday’ posts around cyber space – try one of those Mr Linky things.  I started this blog with music, poetry and my random thoughts.  I still write about those and quite a few other things too. Try a new template / blog design; a writing format; make a few lists; a book or movie review; or just a post linking to your favourite bloggers.
  10. Contemplate & Reflect.  What is the purpose of your post ? Why are you using certain photographs ? Is there a lesson to be learned ? Is there something you want to ask your readers ?

So here’s wishing you well on your journey to find Your Blogger Voice.  For any of you veteran bloggers out there – please feel free to add to these tips.  Is there something else that you guys recommend ?

I believe that our voices will keep changing as we experience all that life has to offer us.  I’m glad you are a part of my journey – and I look forward to being a part of yours =)

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crazynigerian said...

I'm inspired :)

Very informative and useful post. I love your blog layout/design and the toolbar is rather nifty. Use of colour in your post works really well with the black background. You might want to post up your blog tips on a Hubpage (if you haven't done so already).

Back for more later...

Vinita Apte said...

oh I loved this post...very inspiring and motivational. I do get sidetracked a lot of times and also despair when not many visitors are coming to the blog.

I have to learn to let go of these things but its hard sometimes.

I am going to apply all the things you have written down. They make so much of sense. Thanks :)

Dazediva said...

@ CrazyNigerian ... Thanks for the feedback :) glad you liked the post. It's all 'cos of a witty blogger named Nando who got me thinking about my blogger voice. Now I'll be daft and ask about a Hubpage .. erm what is it ?? =P and good to see you posting again :)

@Lazy Pineapple .. welcome to my blog (I'm a bit delirious from medication so am thinking you've never been here before - pardon me if you have already) ... So glad that you've found this useful.

Writing a blog is a like caring for a child; everything doesn't always work and some things take longer than others; but the look of your blog as it grows leaves you smiling :)

Vinita Apte said...

What an analogy :) a Blog = A liking you gay thoughts there hehehe

Just that what you said makes me think that we would really hit it off if we meet in person :)

Lena said...

That is a really very helpful article. I am trying to use them all in my blogging activities.

Andit sure feelsgood to know that people are actually reading it even if they don't comment!

Dazediva said...

@ Lazy Pineapple .. *taking a bow* and that's the way I like to roll baby heheh Maybe one day we'll paint the city red with our crazy analogies and graffiti the walls with our thoughts :)

@ Lena .. Glad you're finding this useful :) After about 1.5 year of blogging sporadically, I've managed to figure it out (well parts of it) .. there is no right or wrong way .. it's about finding YOUR WAY :)

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

My blogging voice? Have no f****ing idea what that is. I am just writing what I feel, when I feel, and how I feel it. Is that a voice?

Love the article though.

Dazediva said...

@ WSG aka TFB ... that's exactly what your blogging voice is meant to be .. writing what you feel; when you feel it and how you feel it :) and you my fabulous one have got it pegged down to the T !

Sumit said...

Well said! Btw, I like the way your blog's look and feel changes :)

Dazediva said...

@ Sumit .. thanks hon :) I like change .. it can be fun :)

Veronica Sicoe said...

Awesome post, and the advice you give on finding your blogging voice (also applies to your writing voice if you write fiction) is spot on. Kudos!