Animal Escapades : Same-Sex Penguins

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It’s not just any penguins we are talking about here – I’m referring to two pairs of same-sex Male penguins – in Germany and San Francisco !

Let’s talk about our first pair of penguins from Germany and have recently hatched a chick of their very own !!! I came across this article in the  paper sometime last month and had book marked it to eventually blog about it.

gay penguins Basically two homosexual penguins at a German zoo (who are a part of a 6 strong community of gay penguins) have successfully hatched an egg after it was rejected by it’s parents and are doting over their baby chick. 

The pair, known as Z and Vielpunkt are quite protective over the baby chick (sex unknown) and act exactly like a hetrosexual couple in taking turns for caring and feeding the chick.

Here’s a picture of them guarding the enclosure where the adopted chick is kept.

The gay penguins rose to fame when 4 Swedish female penguins were brought in to ‘cure’  them … obviously with no success.  Incidentally there is nothing unusual about homosexuality amongst animals.

Now if we cross over the globe and head to San Francisco zoo, where Harry & Pepper who are Magellanic penguins – and been nesting together for 6 years after they were allowed to incubate an egg rejected by another pair – have been split up by a conniving female penguin, Linda who was widowed last winter.

Molting season is coming up and whilst Linda & Harry have been nesting for a few months now (she obviously didn’t want to stay single and a widow at her age); the zoo keepers are keen to see if Harry will spend any time with Pepper.

Hmmm and I thought maybe I have issues … I feel for Pepper !!

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Klambat said...

Didn't realise that some animals are homosexuals. I wonder how they discovered that the penguins are inclined that way. I have had many cats throughout my life, never really notice that any are homosexual. Incest always, same sex never :)

Poseidon Monacular said...

Cool story! The zoos being in Germany and San Francisco seems a bit stereotypical, but what can you do?

And for the dude above me ^^^, some certainly are. I caught my old, and very male pug "taking one for the team" on quite a few occasions. Weird little bastard, I miss him.

Rags said...

U write about interesting things!