Scary Cats

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I’ve managed to escape unscathed last night with nothing more than a slightly bruised ego. 

I look back at my day and am just not really surprised by the sheer number of random incidents that took place  yesterday !  After all it is my life we are talking about !


egg truck Late for work because a cart contained egg racks tumbled over and blocked the road coming off a small flyover.

Was left standing in a drizzle waiting for my car to arrive after being stuck at a traffic junction

Met up with RR for lunch at Hard Rock Cafe where our verbal exchange proved to be spicier than the Tabasco

I got a call confirming that there would a be photo shoot (yes !) for a gadget & lifestyle magazine (yes you read right) at my place today and I had to rush to get back home


Went to pick up NC with MG and headed over to the ATM to withdraw some cash; got stuck in nightmare traffic because Sonia Gandhi (famous politician) was in town for the opening of the Worli-Bandra Sea Link; got bandra worli sea link to the ATM only to realise that I had left my hand bag at home so had no debit card to use for the withdrawal.

Got back home; got some work done; MG disappeared which meant that NC and I were left to ourselves to try and figure out how to create a wireless sharing network between two laptops.

Yeah that didn’t go so well.  My brother came to the rescue and labelled the network connection as Idiot Sisters’ !! A bit rude I think LOL

MG was still MIA and NC decided to transfer some music across to me that was fresh from Jakarta … erm yeah since we weren’t a part of the whole ‘setting up the network’ process – we didn’t quite know what we were doing .. so the files NC was sending to me … just got copied … onto her own laptop – and we’d basically spent about 40 minutes waiting for the transfer to complete !!

Then NC couldn’t find her house keys anywhere – and it was coming to 1 a.m … so the 3 of us trekked down towards my car to check if her keys fell out there … 

Luckily we found the keys, said our good nights, and as I was about to step in towards the elevator … I saw them … the menacing three toms !

cat trio Lately there have been quite a few cats in my building .. and here standing at the steps of my block were 3 huge tom cats – who were prowling around near the elevator … and honestly – they were just stalking the area as if it were their damn territory !! I swear they could have passed for the cats in this picture !

It took us all a few minutes of persuading and shooing the cats away – and then finally MG had to go and tickle one of the toms under it’s chin to try to distract it from launching its’ assault on me whilst I tried very hard to get into the elevator !!

I even shrieked a little bit … I’m a dog lover .. not a cat person … cat’s seem to like me but they are evil creatures and can switch moods at any time .. Trust me – I know – I’ve been scratched by a kitten I was kitten-sitting – in my sleep !!! the punk came and sat on me – woke me up – and then clawed my face !!!

So I ran myself into the elevator whilst MG distracted the big boss cat which was purring away at his chin stroking – and safely locked myself up in my room – in bed – with only a slightly bruised ego – as two of my friends saw me at my chicken best !


Ilo Veth Epusay said...

Kill them, all

Trulyana said...

Perhaps the cats were drawn to the building, out of good will. Sometimes when we hold on to negative experiences, we loose sight of what's really happening. We make up our own minds, based on an experience we didn't forgive in the past, and then let it live in us everytime we encounter a similiar experience, that triggers that negative image again.

ani_aset said...

hehe i liked the name of the WLAN :D, that was really mean

N.C said...

this was sucha funny night!!!!haha....MG is a rat so he ran away..& ahem ahem...the real name for the sharing network connection was "AWESOME SISTERS"!!!...ure jus still fuzzy from all the medication !!!hehe