… No More Multi-Status Updates !!

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For the last few days, I have been driving myself slightly crazy trying to find a platform whereby I could update my Twitter account with my Facebook status instead of vice-versa.

I am currently active on various networking sites including ASW, Internations, Facebook,  Plaxo, Linked-In and Twitter

I don’t really use Twitter that much, reasons being :

  1. don’t see the point in shortening my thoughts Twitter-Logo
  2. I would actually have to log into it and then copy my FB status
  3. all my friends (yes all 1298 of them) are on FB – so why do I really need to update the 18 people on Twitter !
  4. what’s the point of Twitter when I’m not really promoting a ‘brand’ per say .. although I think I would make a fabulous brand ambassador .. especially for Vodka or any form of dessert

facebook Facebook on the other hand – I am on it everyday without fail – and not just once or twice – but a few times a day.  It really is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get updates on friends and family … I kid you not – it is not cheap to be in touch with almost 50 cousins spread out across the globe ! Nor is it easy to track down your high school and university mates or even work colleagues … and FB provides the perfect platform according to me.

Now that I have digressed enough, the point of this post is that I have found a solution to my problem !  As mentioned, I’ve spent the last days trying to figure out how I can update my Twitter account with my Facebook status messages.  WHY would I want to do that considering I have given 4 reasons for not using Twitter …

The answer is simple … it is for YOU – my neighbours ! I realise I am not a super regular blogger, but I have noticed that I could write a mini blog out of my FB status updates … (hold your horses – I’m getting to the point) … I know that Blogger allows for us to showcase Twitter updates – and FB also has something similar.  Since I don’t post on Twitter  - that widget doesn’t work for me; and the FB widget – has a few flaws on it …

Do you see what I am getting at … ??? By finding this one platform that lets me update BOTH statuses – means that I can now install the Twitter widget on my blog – and that way – you guys can get my mini feed !! Doesn’t that sound Super to you ??

supr_logo_emboss So if you are a Facebook & Twitter user – you must go and check out SU.PR

Wooooooooohoooooo !!!! I’m soooo excited !