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Since my last post – I have had a few interesting hours – and feel that I finally have enough material to cover a couple of posts.

Tangerine has just ‘tagged’ me in one of her posts and one of her friends’ Roshni has written on the same subject …

If you are an avid reader or book worm or just enjoy browsing through a novel in your free time – then do follow up on this post and share your favourite reads …

Here are the rules

  • Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you've read that will always stick with you.  First fifteen (or as many as you can) you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. Tag up to 15 friends, including me because I'm interested in seeing what books my friends choose

My version of the rules since I’m a bit of a rebel (and really couldn’t write mini reviews of so many books LOL)

  1. First 5-8 books that you can recall – you could have read them recently or something from back in high school
  2. Short description and / or Mini-review
  3. Tag your friends including me because I’m interested (honest – I am !!)

The Kite Runner by Khalid Hossieni

kite-runner1 I only read this book about 2 months ago – and it blew me away.  The sheer simplicity behind the writing; the flowing descriptions transported me to another world. 

A novel covering humanity, friendship, betrayal, loyalty, acceptance, and survival.  It is an intricate novel with twists and graphical turns in its plot.  A must read.

Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat

5 Point Someone I’ve read both ‘One Night @ the Call Center’ and ‘Three Mistakes of my Life’ … The author tends to narrate in the first person through a central character and speckles the book with alternative perspectives of some of the supporting characters. 

I’ve never been to IIT – nor do I have any idea about what IIT’ians are meant to be like – but through this book – I feel like I got a hidden peek into the insights of the life of engineering students in one of the premier educational institutes.

Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody with William Hoffer

not without my daughter An extremely intense read …. Betty is an American woman married to an educated Iranian doctor based in the US with whom she has a daughter.  This book is about Betty's attempt to escape her husband Sayyed and return to her country along with her daughter who are both trapped in Iran after a family vacation. 

This book is a stomach churning saga of a courageous woman, her escape, her total devotion to her child and their nightmare attempt to return home.

Princess + Daughters of Arabia – Jean Sassoon

Princess I was first introduced to Jean Sassoon through Princess.  I used to live in Dubai for 12 years – and this book caught my attention as I used to have friends from Saudi Arabia. 

The book highlights the life of a Saudi Princess – and the difficulties she has to endure for being born a woman ! She lives out a luxurious prison sentence where she risks death for being a ‘difficult woman’.

Once you pick this book up – I guarantee that you will not be putting it down.  I highly recommend the sequel – Daughters of Arabia – once you read these books – you would appreciate the life you have and never forget the contents either !

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

devil wears prada A very light and easy book.  I honestly picked it out because I liked the cover :) I’m a big fan of stilettos .. and let’s face it – if Merryl Streep is going to act in a movie made out of a book – the book is worth picking up :)

The book is about a young college graduate who finds a job as the personal assistant to one of the most powerful fashion editors in New York. This is a first person narrative about the ups & downs of working in the fashion industry.  Glamorous – right ? Wrong !!! More like hellish !! Read more to discover the outcome.

Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger

everyone worth knowing I’ll admit that other than the cover of this book; the fact that I wanted something light and easy to read in the car – the book appealed to me purely because I’m a crazy social networker :) and if I didn’t want to slap a few celebrities – I’d probably be living the high life hehehe

A story about a single woman in New York caught up in the city’s social circuit due to her job in PR – about balancing her family and personal life whilst being splashed around in the gossip columns.  A relatively realistic way at looking at the PR & Events Industry !


 Angels & Demons – Dan Brown

angels_demons I read this one after reading The Da Vinci Code and found it to be just as enticing.  The book is full of suspense – although does delve into way too much character backgrounds – and takes the reader through a journey of solving puzzles and mystery whilst trying to beat the clock !

If you enjoy thriller and suspense novels – then this is a must read ! There are so many twists and turns that you need to remember not to put the book down until you finish a particular chapter.

Any book by Lee Child 

I absolutely adore this author ! His style of writing is mesmerising ! He uses only one central character in all his books – Jack Reacher – who comes across as the perfect epitome of a man :) No wonder I’m so drawn in hehe.  Some of my favourites include : The Hard Way; Die Trying; Nothing to Lose amongst a few.

The authors writing style immediate captivates the reader and draws them further and further into the book until you can’t stop.  You honestly can’t !

Some of the other authors & books I enjoy include (in no particular order)

  1. Harry Potter Series
  2. David Baldacci – Saving Faith, Total Control
  3. Jeffery Archer – Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less; 11th Commandment; Kane & Abel; The Prodigal Daughter
  4. Stephen King – Pet Cemetery, IT,
  5. Dean Koontz
  6. Paulo Cohelo – The Alchemist
  7. I also enjoy books with funky covers – they tend to be great for light reading :)

Now I’m looking forward to reading about your favourite books !!


Tangerine said...

Now this is an interesting way to do the tag!

Anonymous said...

Hey "Kite Runner" and "Five Point someone" are my favorites too though I didn't have Chetan Bhagat in my 15 books list :-) but Kite Runner was will be there for sure !!!