Another blog facelift

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I couldn’t sleep last night as my foot was aching quite badly (yep it’s not healed as yet and I swear I’m not the accident or illness prone type !!)…. As I lay on my bed with my foot propped up on four cushions, I went about looking at various blog templates – and then finally decided that I should try my hand at testing another design out.

website-facelift_02 Here’s the one I have finally picked … for those that know me, this is not exactly typical of me.  I really contemplated about it – actually – the butterfly – but since its a nice black 3 column layout with a splash of colour – I thought I would just ignore the butterfly and use the template. 

Now I’m playing around with this template – and experimenting a little bit.

Please do let me know what you think about it ? If I should go back to my previous one or change the text colours around.

Also wanted to know if some of you are seeing my images in a sort of shadowy circle ?? I currently use Windows Live Writer to write up my blogs, and on here, and on my browser – the images come out as they are.  However based on a comment from the time of my last blog face lift apparently the photographs I put up don’t always come out in shape :(

Anyway – hope you like it =) and I’ll try to let this template last at least 2 months before changing it


Klambat said...

Your newly designed blog looks great. Easy to read and navigate.

Anonymous said...

i love the layout of the blog (but then again i'm partial to butterflies.) Where did you find such a pretty blog layout??

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

Love the design!

I am being obsessed with a blog makeover myself but I simply do not have the skills to do it myself!

I am contemplating illegal means to get it done!

Stephanie Stebbins said...

Looks great!

Steve said...

Like it!

Dazediva said...

@ Klambat - glad you like it :)

@ Lorri - I got this from .. there are some lovely designs on the site that you can use for free

@ WSG - it's quite easy to change the template on Blogger. Just make sure you save your current template & widgets and then you can experiment with a new layout still you are satisfied - although I do love your current one

@ Steph & Steve - thanks guys :)