Honest Conversations

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Damn.honest convos

That was one HONEST conversation.

No beating around the bush.  Every thought vocalized.

It was somewhat overwhelming, embarrassing, and gave real meaning to ‘getting a reality check’.

This was a conversation which bared all. 

It’s not as if I was avoiding this conversation.  I knew that it would open up Pandora’s box and be difficult to digest.

This was a risky conversation.  It meant being open, receptive and accepting of all that was being said.  It was going to take a while to actually assimilate and absorb in my mind, in my heart.

The circumstances are nowhere near being perfect; in fact it’s as complex as it can get.  And yet, someone chose to be that straight forward, and candid with me. 

It felt good to hear and yet it made my heart clench and bring tears to my eyes.  If only it wasn’t as complicated as it is.

Honesty is tricky isn’t it ?  The very thought of an actual genuine down right honest conversation can leave one feeling vulnerable; open to the potential pain and discomfort that conversation may lead to … BUT it also gives you the wake-up call that you need.