A to Z Challenge 2013 Calendar

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APRIL-2013-CALENDAR-001Last year I took part in the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge which I reckon was quite a success for me.  I had my blogging game on : theme in place, pre-scheduled posts and I was totally on a roll ! I’m hoping that 2013 is just as good especially since my poor blog has been slightly neglected.  I’ve been busy with work and not had much personal time – so I can’t really complain right ?

One of the hosts of the challenge, Jeremy of Retro-Zombie, has created a desktop calendar that has the breakdown of which Alphabets has to be used with each day in April.  You might want to download this onto your computer / laptop and use it as your desktop background as a form of motivation.  You know, just so you don’t forget to post each day.

You might also want to consider scheduling posts in case you think you won’t be able post every day for whatever reasons (work, travel, unexpected power cuts, illness) 

Good luck to everyone participating in the challenge ! If you have happened to stop by this page, please do share your blog link so that I can come visit you during the course of the challenge.