The Ultimate Blog Challenge Theme Reveal

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With the Ultimate Blog Challenge just around the corner - I have more or less decided on a theme for my blog posts.  Have you heard or come across '' or perhaps you know them better for the cute cartoon 'Happiness Is ...' images that are floating around the internet ?  

I'm going to use illustrations from to help me get my blog on as it's been over a year since I've written on a consistent basis (although in my defence there are quite a few partial drafts sitting in my dashboard).  

Ever since my Dad passed, it hit me hard in the face that life is unpredictable.  I've always known this but it 'sunk in'.  I've made it a point to try to enjoy / do more of anything & everything that makes 'Me' feel good.

I've started collecting illustrations that I feel an instant connect with and hopefully I'll get a few blog posts ready before the challenge actually starts ! So there you have it, my blog theme for the UBC is based around 'Things That Make Me Happy'

I hope you enjoy these posts and if you find yourself relating to any of them - I would love to hear from you in the comments.  If you're participating in the UBC then do let me know so that I can visit your blog as well.  Are you following a theme for your blog posts ? If you use Twitter then drop me a tweet on @dazediva