To Theme Or Not to Theme ?

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As you may be aware, the Ultimate Blog Challenge is back in October 2015 and yours truly is taking part in it to get out of my blogging rut ! 

My very first UBC was in Jan ’12 where I just blogged about random topics every day – and it did get hard towards the end of it.  Then I went ahead and with a general theme 'Think About It' wherein I wrote about quotes / images that connected to me.  I've also written about the 'A to Z of Blogging' and 'A to Z of Sex' for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.  

Given the above actually helped me focus my blogging in a particular direction - I'm wondering whether or not to go with a theme for this years' challenge ? I'm more than likely to do it - but then it's the topic that I need to think about. 

Seeing that I'm in need of inspiration - it would mean a lot if you could suggest a theme or post topics that you would like to read about.